Boots Beauty Botanics Collection

If you read regularly, or know me in person, you know that I love face masks, you know that I love facial and beauty products. Well, I recently won this Boots Beauty Botanics Collection, and I received it last week. I love winning, and trying out beauty products to see if I like them, and I usually like them. This collection in particular is a great win. I have been having trouble with blemishes lately, it is due to stress, and I have been trying everything to get rid of them. I have been taking Nature's Cure, and I stopped taking them a couple of days ago, and I have been using my Boots Beauty Botanics collection, my face is healing up, and it is looking so good. I think that the Boots Beauty Botanics collection gave my face the oomph it needed. 
I already use a Boots Beauty cleanser, specifically for blemish prone faces. I am so glad that I am trying out more of their products. The more I research about Boots Beauty, the more I like it. Their products are not generally "all natural," because we do live in a world of synthetics, but the word synthetic scares us sometimes; we picture these cellular monsters in our products out to hurt us, well, at least that is what I picture when I hear the word synthetic. There are those bad synthetics, and then there are those good synthetics that give a little boost to the natural power. The Boots Beauty Botanics collection does indeed use plant based materials in their products, the Botanics' collection slogan reads "the power of plants." The Botanics collection uses brightening hibiscus, and willowbark in their products. Boots Beauty is big on taking advantage of the wonderful properties of willowbark, it is a great healing plant. 
I was thoroughly impressed with the ionic clay mask. There it is! The face mask! Yes, this face mask is made with willowbark, nature's aspirin. Willowbark is also excellent for clarifying. I honestly think that this mask has helped my face in just the few times I have used it. This mask comes out in a liquidy state, but when applied to the face, it dries just like a face mask. It's scent is rather delightful, and it is easy to wash off. It leaves your skin feeling soft, glowy, and clean. I feel that it lays an excellent foundation for my face when I apply makeup. I have stopped using BB cream for the time being because of this face mask. 
With collections, or sets like this, I like a routine. I use the facial scrub first, then I apply the mask, rinse it off and pat my face dry, then I apply the toner and then a moisturizer outside of the collection to my face. If I had a late night, or a really early morning, I use the eye brightening roller under my eyes to make me look awake. I use the Botanics tinted lip balm daily, and I am so in love with this amazing lip balm! It is so smooth, and it offers just a little color.

My face is looking better, and I honestly think that this Botanics collection from Boots is helping my face. Go check Boots Beauty out at Target! Another thing I love about Boots Beauty is that they are fairly priced, and their products work! 

I also think another factor in what is saving my face is that I am not putting so much stress on myself, and I am not worried about every aspect of my life. I feel like I am finally freeing my face from the ugly shackles of stress. I am excited for what this week will bring. Have a great week everyone.