2015 Makeup Routine

It is a new year, so a new play on my makeup routine, it is fun to change things up . I wanted to feature a couple of awesome beauty items with you all, and I thought of sharing with you a new eye shadow combo too. I am using my regular routine, but I have integrated some new items into it. I am very excited to share with you! 
I recently won this Physician's Formula blush, and I love, love, love it! It meant for brunettes, it compliments our hair color. I love it because it is bright, but subtle, and I love the color on my skin. I never have to contours because my cheek bones are already pretty prominent, but the blush sort of contours underhanded. This is a great addition to my makeup routine. 
You can see the blush on me in the below photos. See how subtle it is? It is just a gorgeous color! I love it. 
So, my makeup routine consists of washing my face every morning, or right before I put on my makeup. I moisturize, then use a BB cream. This BB cream I use is absolutely wonderful. It is from Pacifica, so I trust that it is all natural, and vegan. They make vegan products, they make products that are good for the skin. I trust Pacifica, and I love their BB cream. It gives your face a glow, so you do not have to put on a highlighter, or glimmer your face. It is a perfect BB cream, and it smells so good. 
Now, for my eyes, I layered some colors from my Too Faced Candy Bar palette. I always start with a cream color for the base on my lid, then in the outer corners, I brush on a dark cocoa color, and bring it up, and swipe it in my lid's crease. I do this on both eyes, then I blend it. I took a shimmery pink color from the Too Faced Candy Bar palette, and I brushed it on the remainder of my lid, and atop the dark cocoa color on the brow bone. 
I have been extremely wary in trying out new eye shadow combos. I stick with my usual, gold and cocoa, because it just accents my brow bone. I wanted a little pop of color, a little bit of pink, but not too much, and I have found the perfect combination.

I am starting classes back up on Monday. I am anxious about it, but I will get through it. I kept my class load light, and that means homework load is light, because I am working, blogging, and writing for other sites. That is really only four things, but two of those four things are big ones. Work, and school. I know that I can do this, I have bouts of confidence, but sometimes I have these feelings of doubt, and I get moody, and angry when I feel doubt. I am trying to keep positive, and when I try to be positive, I am truly positive, and truly happy. I have to keep blogging, I was never going to stop, but blogging is happiness to me, it helps get me through the hard things. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Break! It was a lovely few weeks for me. We gave our beautiful Christmas tree to a tree recycling truck that came around, it was sponsored by the local high school, and I was very sad to see it go. Just tossed into the back of a truck. Oh well, Christmas is over, and I documented our tree. It was a great Christmas Break! So, happy weekend all! 


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