Paper Tree Essential Oil Craft

During the Christmas season, I love making crafts that pertain to Christmas. Projects are great, they allow me to work with my hands, and the results are pretty cute. I saw something similar to my craft on Pinterest, but they put it on a little pole to actually make it into a stand up tree to put on a table. I thought of making something slightly different, but along the same lines, and the crafting process was tedious, but that is because I had no template, I just created as I went along. Everyone thinks that my tree ornament is adorable, and beautifull fragrant.
 Here is what you will need: 

~4 sheets of patterened/colored paper
~super glue/tacky glue
~Pine/Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil (optional) 

You want to begin by cutting a strip of paper about an inch wide, and cut along the long side of the paper. Start folding the strip in a fan fold, and once the whole strip is folded, bring into a circle, this part is a bit tricky. You can tape the ends of the fanned strip together to make it easier. Then, string the ribbon through the circular, fanned paper and glue it to the ribbon with the super glue. The super glue is needed because the fanned paper is pretty strong, and needs a strong hold. When you make the different sizes, cut a little more than an inch wide strip, and fan fold. You may add as many layers if you would like. Next, cut out a star and glue it on the ribbon. This part is optional, I put Pine essential oil on the ribbon of the tree, and it makes the whole room fragrant. 
This craft is kind of tricky, but it is doable. Christmas crafts are so fun, and I plan on bringing more to you. If you have any questions about essential oils, or about this craft, please comment. I would love to hear from you! 
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!