List Of Loves

Last night, while I was driving home from babysitting, I was thinking about the little, simple things in life that make me smile, and I wanted to share them with you. I am going to start off with talking about the empty freeway. I often drive on the freeway late at night when there are hardly any other cars on the freeway with me. It is peaceful, and there is no stop and go, stop and go, there is just driving. The things that make us smile, or happy are sometimes things that we take for granted. Everytime I drive on the freeway, I think about how much I enjoy driving on it, and how I love the open space of an empty freeway. I think this next "love" on my list is probably on everyone's "love" list, I love receiving packages. I love ripping open the package, and seeing what it is. I love it! I also love French pressed coffee, drinking ice water out of a glass, like a real, glass cup or bottle. I love watching Blue Bloods with my folks, and I love my little cousins. 

It was my cousin Isabelle's Christmas concert tonight at her school (my old school), and it was a beautiful concert. The music teacher involved many different languages in the songs that the children sang this evening, she grabbed songs from around the world, and she had the children sing the chorus in the song's original language. I love involving worldly things, and different languages with children, they should be exposed to different cultures, different languages, different customs. I am glad to see that school is bringing that into it. That is another love on my list, culture, customs, and language; the worldly customs. 
Here is a photo from tonight after the Christmas concert. Isabelle did so well! I am so proud of her. Sorry the photo is blurry, the lighting was bad. 
I am going to be better about posting. It is finals week next week, and so finishing up the term means stress, and so blogging might have to take the back burner again. I will do my best to keep with blogging next week. :) 

What is on your list on loves? Comment below!