Happy New Year's Eve! ~2014~

It is the last day of 2014, this year went by insanely fast. It was a good year, and a lot happened! I was looking through my blog, picking my mind, scrolling through Instagram to see all the highlights of 2014, and they are wonderful memories. I wanted to compile a list of the highlights, and share them, and share some resolutions, and New Year ideas with you all. I apologize in advance for the photo quality. I snagged them off my blog, and they didn't save to the quality that they were posted. :( 

So, I am going to name the highlights in order of how they happened during the course of the year. 
Beginning in February, Portland experienced a great ice storm. It began as snow, but then the next few days, freezing rain occurred, and there were pretty icicles everywhere. It was rather scary for those driving, the road was covered in ice. The first day when it was just snowing, I thought that I had to go pick my mom up. I was driving 10 miles an hour because the snow just covered the road entirely. It was a fun few days off from school, and technically, we were iced in instead of snowed in. 
My friends Kaylee and Melissa asked if I wanted to go to the prom with them. I said "definitely not" at first, but then I started thinking about it, and changed my mind. Kaylee let me borrow a dress (which I still need to give back), they helped me with my hair and makeup, and it turned out to be one of best memories that I have acquired in high school. 
I finished up my clinicals, and in April, I turned 18. It was a fun day, and I had a fun celebration with my family. I remember it felt so good to finally be legal, and yet so scary at the same time. Entering adulthood, and all that went with it. It seemed overwhelming then. 
I graduated from CAL, and then I graduated from high school. We had a fun senior day on our last day of school, and then a week later, we graduated. It felt so good to be moving on, and entering a new phase of my life. If I could do that night over again, I would just for fun! The day after I graduated, my parents took me out to a graduation dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, and then they surprised me with an iPad when we got home. It was such a special evening. My parents put on a beautiful graduation party for me, and it was so touching when everyone came out to celebrate. I loved it so much.  
Over the Summer, I bought my website, I own my blog. It was a great feeling to type .com at the end, and show it off. It was wonderful. My blog grew a lot over the Summer, I am so glad that I worked so hard on my blog, and that my audience grew, and I became more educated on blogging. 

My whole family went to Sunriver over the Summer, and it was so fun to have my parents there. They usually don't come with, but this year they did, and it was so special. We rode bikes, ate good food, and swam at Sharc. 
My friend Morgan and I went to Seattle for the day. It was such a fun trip, it was without additional adults, and it was a great bonding time. We got to know each other further, and she is such an awesome friend. It was a fun trip, and a great memory! 
I also started writing for a fashion magazine, I became one of their social media coordinators, and I had my name in their magazine with the words that I wrote. That was so cool to me. I loved it. I think that I am going to take a break from writing for them for a little while. I need to focus on some new things in the new year. 

After applying countless times to various jobs, I finally got a job as a server at a retirement community. I love my job. I love that I can be social, it makes my day when the residents say they missed me when I come back my days off. They are sweet people. When I was little, I pretended that I worked in a diner. The retirement community isn't a diner, but it is similar to one, I take orders, and serve food. I don't dread going to work, sometimes it is the highlight of my day. 

This year was also the year that I began college. It wasn't where I wanted to be, but it turned out to be really fun. I took ceramics, anthropology, and chemistry. It was a stressful term, but I made it through. I am sorry if I was moody, or irritable, but the first term of college is hard, and it is a big transition, and huge loads of stress. I made it through though, and I feel great about it. It was a good thing for laying the groundwork of going to college. 

This is really fun! I won a makeup party from Benefit and Birchbox, I invited the ladies who are so important to me (and who ever was available or interested). It turned out to be really fun, and I loved seeing everyone. 
This is one of the best things that happened to me this year is I became a Young Living memer. I love using essential oils, and being a part of the oily community. It is so special to me, it is something I am extremely passionate about. 
Now that we have looked into the past, it is time to look into the future. I have this great idea to pick two words for the new year. Two words that coincide with Young Living's essential oil blends. Young Living's blends are mostly named after inspirational, motivational, and positive words. I am picking two words that will motivate me, inspire me, and keep the doubt away, and I am going to purchase those oils, so whenever I smell them, I am reminded of my mission statement for 2015. The two oils I am going to grab up very soon. My two words for 2015 are Envision, and Believe, and I will be purchasing those two oils soon to go along with the words I picked. I am so excited for this new "resolution." I am not going to set real resolutions, because I never keep up with them, but these words will inspire me to set goals, and achieve them. 

I am so excited for tonight! I am going over to my aunt's house, and I am going to hang out with them. I have some fun craft projects for the girls and I to do, and then I am making some delicious food. I will blog about it tomorrow, it will be so much fun to share! 

Have a happy New Year everyone!