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My essential oil love just keep on growing. I decided to expand myself, and make an essential oil Instagram account (@essentiallycourt). It has helped me grow my essential oil knowledge, and grow my essential oil community. I can find other people who are just learning like me, or who have been using essential oils for years, and are experienced oilers. I seriously love the essential oil community, we learn from each other, and share blends, or oily tricks to use essential oils to their fullest potential. I have been using essential oils for so many different things, and I absolutely love that I am cleaning my counters with just essential oil, and water. No fillers, no toxic chemicals, just essential oil, and water. I am staring off my journey with essential oils slowly, reading about each oil, and deciding which ones I should get. Eventually, I will purchase the Everyday Oils Collection, but for now, I am just purchasing oils as I go, and learning more about Young Living. 
Yesterday, while I was babysitting, I brought out Peppermint oil, and Thieves oil. I had to change a couple of diapers, and my nose is a pretty strong sniffer, so foul smelling things make me feel sick. I decided to put a drop of peppermint inside my sweatshirt, and put the neck of my sweatshirt over my nose, and it helped greatly. I brought with me a few cotton balls, and dropped a drop of Thieves to each cotton ball. I placed them around the house while I was there to purify the air, and to fight off any nasty germs that might be trying to find their way into our bodies. The little girl I babysit goes to kindergarten, and sometimes, children can catch colds from other children, so I put Thieves to work. Also after diaper changes, when washing my hands, I put a drop of Thieves in my hands with the soap, and washed up. Peppermint and Thieves are my star oils while babysitting, they do great things. 
I have integrated oils into my everyday life, and so I wanted to add them to crafts, or recipes I do. Yesterday, I posted about this cute, paper tree ornament, and involves essential oils. The essential oil is optional, but since the concept of this craft is a tree, I decided to drop a drop of pine on the ribbon. The piney smell spreads throughout the room, and it is very relaxing. 
While organizing, or cleaning the house, I like to diffuse my citrus oils while cleaning. It purifies the air, all while making the house smell clean, and fresh. Orange is also stress reliever, while invigorating at the same time. I did some cleaning earlier, so I put grapefruit, and orange in the diffuser, and the house smells absolutely amazing. 
I have learned so much about essential oils in the past couple of months that I have been a part of Young Living. I have been researching essential oils for about 4 years, and I am so glad that they have made their way into my daily life. 
If you have any questions about essential oils, please comment below, or follow my oily Instagram: @essentiallycourt . 


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