Ensambl- Weather Inspired Style

Happy New Year's Eve lovelies! This year went by so fast. I wanted to share with you this fun app called Ensambl. I have talked about it before, but I would like to reintroduce it. This app is a great app if you love style inspiration. It is easy to use, and to build up your favorite outfits! When you first get the free Ensambl app, you can log in using Facebook, then you choose your state. Before you choose your state, if you have on location services, it will automatically change the weather and degree to where you are. 
It chose Wintery outfits for my area, because it is currently below freezing where I live. You can flip through the different outfit choices, click on the outfut, and connect with various fashion bloggers. Below the the outfit in the style photos, it shares the name of the blog it came from, so it is very easy to track down the blogger. 
To build up your favorote's list, you can either "heart" the photo, or swipe the photo to the right. The Ensambl app will save your favorites, so you can go back and look through them again. 
Since it is New Year's Eve, there will be many parties, and many great outfits for the occasion. But some people may not know how or what exactly to fashion for a great New Year's Party. Let me give you a few suggestions. First of all, it is somewhat a magical holiday, so sparkly or sequin dresses, skirts, shirts, or blouses would surely suffice. Anythinh with a colorful pattern, or tulle. Gold and black is a great combination for New Year's Eve. Here are some New Year's Eve party outfits that I picked out from Ensambl's app. 
If you are interested in this app, visit the iTunes app, and grab it up! Just search for "Ensambl", and you'll easily find it. It will help you with those last minute fashion fixes, or for planning an outfit  that is sure to please. 


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