Energizing Citrus Sugar Scrub

I used to make sugar scrubs all the time, I loved making homemade beauty products from things in my kitchen, and then I inspired my mom to start making sugar scrubs as gifts, and she would use essential oils to make the sugar scrub fragrant. I never used essential oils, I would just squeeze a lemon in the sugar and oil, or add blueberries to add scent and benefit to the sugar scrub. Essential oils are cleaner, stronger, and they have many benefits that I am so excited about! 
Here is what you will need: 
~1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar
~2 tablespoons melted coconut oil
~citrus essential oils
~glass container

Put the sugar in the jar, and pour the coconut oil over the sugar. Mix together until the sugar creates little lumps. Add in two drops of orange eo, two drops of lemon eo, and two drops of grapefruit eo to the oiled sugar, and mix together. You can use this scrub on your hands, body, or a small amount for your face. 

I didn't use Peppermint or Thieves oil, but I am thinking of making these as Christmas gifts, and making a Thieves sugar scrub. That would be heavenly for when one is sick. 
This citrus sugar scrub is bound to perk you up, so it would be a wonderful scrub to use during a morning shower. Citrus also uplifts, melts stress, and is a natural cleaner, so it will help clean your skin and prevent and treat breakouts. Orange essential oil helps prevent/smooth wrinkles, and it is antimicrobial to help fight MRSA. Lemon brightens up dull, tired skin, and can help combat blemishes; it is also wonderful for those who have oily skin, lemon helps control overactive oil glands. Grapefruit is a wonderful, aromatic oil, it helps with memory, anxiety, and relaxation; it uplifts mood, and when used on skin, it can rid your skin of cellulite. 
I know that I have been posting about essential oils quite a bit lately, but that is because I want to share the wonders of these oils with everyone, they are seriously so great, and I have noticed some positive changes in my health. I drink a drop of lemon eo in my water every morning, and a drop of grapefruit at night after work, or during dinner. I used to get really bad acid burn in my stomach, but after drinking lemon essential oil in my water, I don't get it. I only get it when I eat tomato based foods now, but I used to get it with absolutely everything I ate. These essential oils are little miracles. 
If you have any questions regarding the sugar scrub, or essential oils, feel free to contact me via the comments below, or via e-mail (e-mail can be found in the "About Me" box in the left sidebar). 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! Rejoice for the weekend!