DIY Wool Wreath Ornament

A few years ago, I purchased these little wool balls at a craft store in Sisters, Oregon. I thought I could unravel them and make fun needle felt items, but alas the wool balls would not unravel, and they are just wool balls. For three years, they have been sitting in a rubbermaid container, and I had no idea what I could create with these things. This is why Pinterest was created, to find out what to do with things you have, and can not figure out what to do. 
I found out what to do, I made these super cute wool ball wreaths, and they are so easy to make! I have no idea why I did not do this earlier. 
This is a simple craft, all you need is some thread, a needle, ribbon, and these adorable wool balls. 
All you do is string the wool balls on the thread by using the needle. Tie the two ends together, and attach a ribbon. You can do this by tying the thread to the ribbon. These little wreaths are so cute, and make great ornaments, or Christmas decorations. This craft has inspired me to do more with these adorable wool balls. I want to get all sizes of them, and make garland for next Christmas. It will look awesome!
I am so excited for Christmas! This year is set up a little differently, and I think that it awesome! I am so excited to tell you all about it, it will be a blast, and it will be an extended Christmas, so extra fun. I think this will be my last Holiday DIY of the year. The rest of the posts will be Christmas recap posts, and New Year's posts. I am so excited for what it is in store! I have a great idea for the New Year, and I will post about it in a few days. 
I hope everyone has an excellent holiday! Merry Christmas!