Christmas Eve 2014

My family has a tradition on Christmas Eve to go up to Northwest Portland, and walk up and down 23rd ST, and visit the shops. It is always a good time, but this year we invited my grandparents along because they would be alone on Christmas Eve, and they are alone tomorrow, so we wanted to include them, and we wanted to make sure that they were not lonely. We drove up, and we did just as we planned, we walked up 23rd, and back down 23rd, visiting fun shops along the way. They had the trees that lined the street all lit up! It was so pretty! We were walking across the street when I snapped this, so it is slightly blurry, but I think it makes it look interesting.
We stopped by Lush Handmade Cosmetics, and I purchased a Fresh Face Mask, I purchased their Cupcake mask, their Tea Tree tabs, and they threw in a sample of their vanishing cream. I love going in that shop! It always smells so good, and I love the quality of their products, and the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in their products. It is wonderful! 
The Paper Source is right next door, and so we perused it. It is a fun shop with a ton of craft ideas, a wall of fancy paper, and knickity knacks. It was a busy time at The Paper Source, crowded, and hard to maneuver through, but that is to be expected on Christmas Eve. It was still fun. My Grandpa Williams found this Santa mask, and tried it out. I am unsure if it was made from paper, but since it was at the Paper Source, I am assuming it was made from paper. 
Next, we went to Moonstruck Chocolate Factory, and Grandma Williams treated us all to a truffle. My mom got us a truffle too, and I bought myself some absolutely delicious dark chocolate mocha. Oh it was perfect! I also got a macaroon, macaroons from Moonstruck are fabulous! I chose a delicious blueberry macaroon, and it was so scrumptious! 
We also went to Kitchen Kaboodle, Williams~Sonoma, and Pottery Barn, our regular haunts on Christmas Eve. I bought some hand soap at Kitchen Kaboodle to save for later. We decided that after Pottery Barn it was time to head home; my dad made teriyaki bowls when we got home, and they were fabulous! While we ate, we watched the first Santa Clause movie, which always fun. 
The teriyaki bowls were so tasty, and it was fun to be with family. I love hanging out with my family. After we finished up dinner, and the movie, we decided to open presents. My mom figured tonight would be better for opening gifts from them because we wouldn't have time in the morning on Christmas Day. 
My mom and dad are awesome! They gave me measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a spoon rest in the shape of mason jars, they gave me a duvet that I have been wanting, and a stuffed elephant that is so cuddly. I know, I am 18 and receiving stuffies for a gift, but this elephant is so incredibly snuggly, and I saw it a few months ago, and really wanted it. It is so cuddly. I am really happy with my gifts, and grateful for them. My parents are awesome! 
Now, we are nearing the end of the day, and we are taking it easy by watching the classic cartoon, A Christmas Carol. We watch that every year. I am also trying out my new Lush mask, diffusing Christ Spirit, and winding down from the day. Oh, it was a wonderful Christmas Eve, and I am glad we did a few things differently this year, changing up things. I think it worked out well. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Merry Christmas Eve!