Christmas Day 2014

Yesterday was all about family, spending time with family, and giving to family. For the past few Christmases, I haven't really cared about receiving presents, but I love giving presents, and just being with my family. Presents are a nice bonus, but I really can go without. Being with my family is present enough.

I woke up early yesterday so I could finish wrapping my gifts, and so that I could make breakfast for my family. Last year I made them breakfast, and I wanted to again this year. I made homemade cinnamon rolls, and they were delightful! I homemade the glaze too, and paired the cinnamon rolls with a grapefruit half. Since Christmas time is filled with sugar, and goodies, I wanted to include something healthy. It was a nice morning before we headed over to my Grandma Biggs's house. We didn't open gifts yesterday morning, since we opened them on Christmas Eve, it left us a little bit more time to get ready for my Grandma's house. We had some goodies to make so that we could bring them over to share with the family. 
When we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Biggs's house, we had some more food prep to do. We all chatted for a few minutes, and then my Grandma had us sit in the living room, and open our stockings from Santa ;). Stockings are such a sweet tradition that my Grandparents do. They have done it for as long as I can remember, and it is such a sweet tradition. Then it was time to open presents, and we always do it alphabetically, or reverse alphabetically. Last year we opened gifts alphabetically, so this year we did it in reverse. Unwrapping the gifts was fun to watch, especially when little Q bug woke up from her nap. After she woke up a bit, she became interested in her gifts. She loved it all! My Grandparents gave her this adorable, vintage, Radio Flyer rocket ship. It has buttons you can push, and they light up and the rocket talks, and you move it by sitting on it, and pushing it with your feet. She started getting the hang of it, and it was so fun to watch. 
I gave her these little dudes, they have interchangeable hats, heads, and clothing that you can stick together. She liked to stuff the dudes in the storage seat of the rocket. She had a ball with those! 
We always have a great meal on Christmas day, it usually being lasagna, another tradition. It was a delicious meal, and of course we had our Christmas pickles! When my Grandma Biggs and I canned the pickles back in August, we saved a jar specifically for Christmas. That is another fun tradition we have going. 
Q bug decided that she had enough of her high chair, so she got down, and I took it as my chance to play with her. I have played with her at her house, but never at Grandma's house. She has never been into playing before, but now that she is walking, and very vocal, it is possible to play with her, and boy was it fun! We played with her new rocket, and her simple dudes, and she had a visit from the tickle monster, and feetsy kisses. It was so cute, I grab her feet, bring them to face, kiss the bottoms of them, and she would curl her toes into my cheeks. It was pretty cute. I love watching her grow up, and learn new things. 
I had to throw in a couple of those "unhappy" photos because they are just so cute. They were taken when she was still groggy, and hungry, but they are still cute. You have to include those crying pictures, am I right? 
We had dessert after play time, and we had my Grandma's absolutely wonderful chocolate pie, and my mom's chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars. It was a delicious dessert! 
Soon after dessert, it was time to go home. It was pretty late, and it had been a day of fun and excitement. It was a wonderful day with family, and I loved seeing them, spending time with them, and playing with Q bug. 

When I got home, I stayed up late, savoring Christmas for as long as I can. What a great holiday! It isn't over yet! My family is celebrating a second Christmas eve tomorrow! So fun! Happy Holidays everyone!