Catching Up

It has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that. A lot has happened in five days, so let me fill you all in. I had finals this past week. My first college finals, and I did well in ceramics, and Anthropology, but I am feeling that I got a C in chemistry. I haven't received my final grade for chemistry, but I have a feeling that I will be depressed with it. Chemistry was tough, and as it turns out, that class I took wouldn't transfer to another college anyway. Chemistry 103 is for the Allied Health program specifically for my school. I'm glad I took it though, because I did learn from the class. If I take another chemistry, I will have an understanding of the course. I won't be walking into it blindly like I was with chemistry 103. So, my first college term is over, and I am now on Christmas break, which means I will be working more hours, and blogging more consistently, plus figuring things out for my upcoming move. 
I have been researching essential oils, and slowly building my collection. I made this cute box for my essential oils in ceramics, but now I am starting to think it will just be a box for other things because soon my essential oils will not fit in the box. But, I am proud of it, and I want to show it off. 
Another reason for not posting in five days is because I came down with food poisoning from eating some bad pizza. It was actually good tasting pizza, but it didn't agree with me, and Thursday evening to Friday morning, I was throwing up, freezing, and not feeling up to par at all. I had to call in sick yesterday to work, and I felt horrible; I couldn't expose the old folks though because I had vomited that morning. Food poisoning is never a good experience. I used my essential oils to help me feel better, ginger and peppermint were my very best friends during this rigorous, traumatic experience. I was running a slight fever, so I applied peppermint to my feet, and my abdomen. Peppermint pulls out the heat, and a few minutes after application, I was feeling a lot better. Peppermint also helps with nausea, so peppermint was in the diffuser at all times during the past couple of days. Ginger is also wonderful for nausea, and I applied that to my abdomen and chest. I still vomited because the bug had to get out of my system, but it made me feel less sickly after. I am now all better, and I will be back to work this evening, in a few hours actually. I get to train someone this evening, and that should be interesting! 

My family recently got a Keurig. We are now Kcup crazy over here, looking for new blends to try. The keurig is really fun, and it really does make good coffee, or cocoa, tea, whatever you want basically. I am excited to create a non-keurig cocoa; an actual stove-top cocoa, authentic, delicious cocoa and I will add a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil to create an even more delicious cup of cocoa. I have a lot of holiday recipes in store, and they will all be on the blog of course. Some of the recipes will involve essential oils, and some will not, all will be equally delicious. 
For the past couple of days, I never wanted to think about food. I hated food, especially pizza, but now I am starving because I haven't really eaten anything in 35 hours. I will even eat pizza, just not pizza from the shop that I bought it from on Thursday, and got sick from. So, after this post, I am going to eat because I am finally up for that! Yay! 
So, I will be posting regularly again, and I am very excited about that. I hope that my absence has not driven away readers, but if it has, hopefully they will be coming back because I have a lot of great posts in store. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow will be an essential oil post, so stay tuned!