Young Living Stress Away & Other Things

I took a little break from blogging over the weekend, I had no good ideas, plus it felt like work to me. I took a needed break, but now I really want to get back into my blogging. I spent the weekend refiguring, stressing, worrying about my life plan, but I have it figured out mostly, and I feel really good, really confident, and secure. As you can guess, I spent most of the weekend stressing, feeling anxious, and worrying about things. I used a lot of Stress Away for various reasons over the weekend, and I would love to share with you what Stress Away can do for you. It is my go-to oil, and the one I take with me everywhere. 
One of the things that I used Stress Away for was to give a little boost to my facial masks. I would squeeze some of my facial mask, and drop a drop of Stress Away in the mask, and apply it to my face. The reason I do this is because Stress Away is wonderful for skincare and ridding your face of acne. I just learned this a few days ago, and I love that it is working. 
Those Freeman masks are awesome, but adding Stress Away makes them even better. Stress Away adds a wonderful, calming scent to the masks. It is my favorite scent, I love putting Stress Away in the diffuser, or putting the roller ball attachment on the Stress Away bottle, and using it as natural perfume. I put a dropon my fingers and rub Stress Away on my temples and a dab on my tummy before I go out anywhere, especially to work. I love Stress Away for car rides, it helps settle my car sickness. I get car sick easily, being jiggled in the car, Stress Away helps me calm down, and relieves my anxiety. The reason why I especially love applying Stress Away before work, is because my serving job can be pretty demanding at times, and the residents can turn on their bad side, blaming the servers for something the kitchen staff didn't do right. It is comforting inhaling Stress Away, it really has made those days easier. 
I call Stress Away my "Monday" oil. Mondays are my longest days, and this oil comes into use all throughout the day. In the morning, I turn on the diffuser with Stress Away for while I get ready. I apply Stress Away on my wrists, temples, and tummy before I go to classes. During lunch, I reapply Stress Away to my temples for Anthropology (which is not a stressful class by any means), and after Anthropology, I go home and get ready for work, reapplying Stress Away to my wrists, temples, and tummy. After work, I put Stress Away in the diffuser while I do my homework, and relax. 
This is my favorite oil. It is nice to use because you do not have dilute it too much. It smells absolutely wonderful, and it really does relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression, anger, and it elevates mood. It also helps with muscle aches, and cramps. It is a wonderful oil, it will be so sad when I run out of Stress Away, but I can always get more. 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, I needed some time to reconfigure, and replan, I feel better about moving the date of my move, and preparing myself a little more. I also got to see two of my very best friends yesterday. My friend, Morgan came home from Montana State University yesterday, and she invited our friend, Paige and myself over to watch the big Montana State University vs. University of Montana football. Unfortunately, MSU lost, but the real win was seeing my girls again. I missed them. They are so awesome! 
It's rough when the weekends are more stressful than the weekdays, but I am glad that I have a new plan, and it will work out. Stress Away has helped my in many ways over the weekend, and I hope that it can help you. 
I hope you all have a great week, and I will post more often. I really needed to skip those three days, but now I am back to blogging, and it is wonderful.