Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

I recently received my latest shipment of Young Living essential oils. I bought Thieves and Lemon. Slowly, but surely, I am building my essential oils collection. I wanted to tell you all about the benefits and uses of lemon essential oil. I have been putting one drop in my Lifefactory waterbottle, and it is much better than having a lemon wedge in my water. Sometimes the lemon wedge sheds, and it isn't too refreshing to have something floating around in your water. The lemon essential is perfect because it offers the same benefits, but doesn't have the gross factor that a shedding lemon has. 
Lemon essential oil has some wonderful uses and benefits. For instance, putting a drop in your drinking water is great for a gentle detox. I love the refreshing taste of the lemon, and it helps me drink more water. I used to drink a lot of water, but now I drink more because the essential oil is tasty. 
I love combining lemon and lavender essential oil together in the diffuser, it uplifts the mood, and it is nice aroma. If you diffuse just lemon essential oil, it helps purify and freshen the air, and supports mental clarity. Lemon essential oil is great for cooking. You can add lemon essential oil to seafood or use in a vinaigrette to put on salad as a substitute for lemon juice. You can also mix up lemon essential oil with dill, and butter to put on fish. If you do ingest essential oils, please very careful. I would only ingest Young Living essential oils, and if ingested, dilute properly beforehand. 
When you drink lemon essential oil in your water, or put it in a capsule, it will help fight off and prevent kidney stones. Another thing I noticed while drinking lemon essential oil in my water is that I have not had a burning, acidic stomach. I confirmed that drinking lemon essential oil in water helps cut the acid, and stops the excretion of digestive acids. I have a big problem with that. My stomach acid burns, and I am so uncomfortable. Stomach acid not only burns your stomach, but burns up your esophagus and throat. This is a great essential oil for me, because I need something to stop the acid. I get so uncomfortable. Another great thing about lemon essential oil is that it is a natural disinfectant. All citrus has disinfectant properties. In a glass bottle, put a few drops of the lemon essential oil in the water, and  use it to disinfect counter tops, toys, door handles, anything. I need to make an actual spray bottle out of my mason jar, right now, I just dip my papertowel in the jar and wipe down my counters with it. 
To use the lemon essential for beauty, add a drop to your facial cleanser and moisturizer to brighten up your skin. Citrus is also a natural astringent, so it helps take care of the blemishes. You can also use it with some coconut oil as the base oil, and rub it on callused areas to help heal calluses. Lemon is a great essential oil for everyday uses. I am a big fan of putting a drop of the lemon essential oil in some lotion, and rubbing it on my hands and arms as a little energizer. It is a fantastic oil, and it has so many uses and benefits. I just rattled off a few of it's uses, but there are far more. 
I am so excited to purchase orange essential oil, because then I can make a citrus medly water, with my grapefruit, my lemon, and orange. That would be a wonderful water taste. I tend to find myself drinking far less coffee too ever since I have been drinking the water with lemon essential oil. That is a plus because my skin tends to not look it's best when I drink coffee. 

This next week will be a short week, well somewhat short. I don't have class on Tuesday due to Veteran's Day, so I will spending my day off doing homework, applying to jobs in Pensacola, planning blog projects, and being a couch potato. You can get a lot done on electronic devices though, so I will however be productive. I hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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