Smoldering Eye Made Easy

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, and came across this short makeup tutorial video. She was doing winged eyeliner, and blended some dark shaded shadow over her lid. It looked incredibly easy, and I had to try it. The first attempt did not go so well, but the second attempt looked fantastic! I wanted to share with you this amazingly fast makeup trick. 
First, you begin with the base shadow shade, which I use white, and a shimmering white. Next, just in the outer edge of the lid, I dust a dark brown shade, just so it creates the base for the even darker color that will be applied later. Also, begin with the eyeliner winthout it winged. 
Next, apply the winged liner, and take some darker shadow and do the bottom of the eye's liner with the shadow. Blend it so it isn't so bold. 
Next, with a darker shade, I chose an deep orchid color. I began applying it right on the edge of my eyeliner, and kept dabbing the outer edge of my lid with that deep orchid color.
Next, blend it so the lines aren't so clean cut, and so that the color spreads out. 
For this look, I used the Too Faced Candy Bar palette. This palette can create so many amazing looks, it is my go-to palette that I use everyday. Complete this look with some mascara, and deep colored lipstick. You can tone this look up or down for any occasion, day or night. 
I will try and put together a video version of this tutorial sometime next time next week, but I am not a vlogger by any means. I do, however understand that it is hard to follow in a text form. If you have any questions about this trick, please comment, and I will answer them.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay warm! 


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