Pumpkin Face Mask

I had some left over puree pumpkin from making the pumpkin cookies yesterday, so I decided to make another beauty DIY to share with you all. This pumpkin mask is very easy to make, and it uses ingredients that you would normally find in your kitchen. 
Here is what you'll need in your facial mask: 
1/4 cup of pumpkin puree
1 egg white
1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Almond Milk 
1 drop of lemon essential oil or lemon juice

Combine the ingredients in a small container and mix thoroughly. You want your mask to be completely mixed for easy application. 
In this next photo, the little yellow gadget under the egg is an egg separator. You can crack the egg in it, and the egg white comes out while the yolk stays in the divot of the separator. It is genius. 
Pumpkin has great skin benefits. It contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. They also minimize pores, and regulates oil production in the skin, so if you have shiny skin toward the middle of the day, use this mask! Egg whites help tighten and firm the skin, it is also a natural astringent, so it is great for combating acne prone, and dry skin. Egg whites also contain a lot of protein, so this aids in tissue repair, and growth. Potassium is found in egg whites, and it is wonderful for hydrating the skin, and preserving moisture in the skin cells. They also promote a healthy glow in your skin. Lemon juice or lemon essential oil also combats blemishes, cleans, clarifies, and promotes a healthy glow. Almond milk has some beautiful skin benefits, it contains vitamin E, which helps repair facial scarring, and contains antioxidant properties that can protect against sun damage. This is an all-around great face mask that covers all of the bases. 
My skin was so glowy after I used my face mask. The pumpkin scent is pleasant, and the egg white helps it to harden and dry on the skin like a real face mask. 

Go make this face mask! It is perfect to integrate into your Fall skincare regime. 


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