NomaTerra East Hampton

A little while back, I won a She Finds contest. I won a travel spray from NomaTerra. I had never heard of them, but apparently, they are huge at Sephora. My travel perfume arrived yesterday, and I tore the package open, and spritzed some on my neck. Oh my goodness gracious, it smells incredible. I wore a little bit to work last night, and while I love work already, having a pleasant scent to smell all through the night made work all the more better. 
It seriously smells delightful. It is my favorite scent now, and I am so excited to share this amazing perfume with my readers. NomaTerra does not test their perfume on animals, and I love that! I look out for that on products I buy, or am given. I love it when products are against animal cruelty. 
There is a layering of wonderful scents in East Hampton, there is Italian Bergamot, white grapefruit, and citrus notes as a base. For the middle, there is Egyptian jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia, and magnolia. To top it off, there are marine notes, leather, Indonesian patchouli, and white woods. It smells absolutely amazing. 
It is a lot of fun winning things left and right. I have been receiving a package or two every week from June 5th until now. I want to keep that up. It is so fun! I picked this scent blindly. I was a little afraid of what the scent would be, but I am glad I chose East Hampton. It is a beautiful fragrance.
I can't believe the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is crazy how fast time flies. I am excited for a busy Thanksgiving. 
I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and those who don't, I hope you have a wonderful week! :)