Life's Little Remedies

I have to share these amazing, little remedies that I have discovered recently. Due to the weather, work, and my history of having bad cramps, I needed to find something to help me. I was suffering, and now I am not. First of all, The Honest Company makes a fantastic healing balm. With the windy weather, it creates chapped hands. My mom had dry knuckles, and after using the balm from The Honest Company, she no longer has dry knuckles. Now for me, the wind, I am sure, played a part in this, but it was mostly from a reaction I had to some gloves at work. The tops of both of my hands are covered in a rash, and it is drying out my hands. The awesome organic healing balm from The Honest Company is helping me out. The dry, blotchy patches are shrinking, and going away! 
The weather is also drying out my lips. I hate the dry, crackly feeling, but I don't have to let my lips suffer. This lip balm from L'occitane secures moisture, and rids your lips of dead, dry skin. It is wonderful! It isn't like cheap chapstick, where you apply it, and have to reapply it because the chapstick dries out your lips. L'occitane is quality! 

This next, absolutely wonderful remedy is for those gals who have really painful cramps. I am one of those women, and it is to point where it hurts to walk, and it makes it hard to focus. I read somewhere that grapefruit essential oil helps with cramps, so I decided to try it. I needed something to last me through work. I like to use Pamprin too, when the cramps become more intense. I took some lotion, and dropped two drops of grapefruit essential oil, and rubbed it on my abdomen. My cramps were gone, and the smell is comforting. My cramps were gone, and it lasted through work, and a little bit after. The grapefruit essential oil helps with my mildly intense cramps, which is wonderful to know! 
Of course, hydration! Keep your skin hydrated from within. I will preach it over, and over again. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 
What are some of your remedies for common ailments? I would love to know what other people use or do. 

Well, we made it through Wednesday! Just have to make it through tomorrow and Friday, then it is the precious weekend! Try and stay warm, lovelies.