Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween to you all! It has been a fun, busy day and I loved spending it with my mom. It is my mom's birthday today, so spending most of the day with her was special. I began my Halloween by finishing up my pumpkins. I started painting my pumpkins a few weeks ago, but with being so busy, I haven't had a chance to finish them. I had some time this morning, so I finished my pumpkins and they turned out exactly the way I wanted it. While the trick-or-treaters were out and about, and come to our house, every one of the kiddos commented on my neat, painted pumpkins. 
This morning, I knew I wanted to do elaborate makeup. I had no idea what to call myself, there would be no specific name or title for what I wanted to be, but after looking on Pinterest for a few minutes, I found a look that has an actual name that also matched my wish for doing elaborate makeup. I decided on being a porcelain doll. At first, I had a kitten, or a beast in mind because I had painted my nails to look like claws, but I think the nails went with my porcelain doll look. While I painted my nails, and relaxed after pumpkin painting, I watched all of the Halloween episodes of The Office while drinking pumpkin spice hot cocoa. It was a relaxing morning. 
My mom came home from work early today, so while she relaxed a bit after work, I practiced my porcelain doll look. I can't tell you how excited I was to go crazy with my eyeliner. I created look number one, and I was so pleased with it. It was dramatic, but it had purpose. For the first porcelain doll look, I used my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous 115 foundation on my face, and lips to camoflauge into my skin to help with the baby doll lips. I powdered my face with corn starch to give that pale look, I did not powder my lips though. Next, I used my The All Natural Face vegan gel eyeliner as lip liner to create the baby doll shape on my lips, and I filled it in with my DNA Cosmetics black lipstick. This lip look really pulled the look together. Next, I went crazy with my eyeliner. I used my Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara and my Benefit They're Real mascara to give the falasified look to my natural lashes. I used my Illamasqua Neutral palette for my eye shadow. I used my Too Faced Candy bar palette for all of the contouring and highlighting, and lastly for those crazy, rose cheeks, The Body Shop lip & cheek stain. I teased my hair with a bore bristle brush, and used Paul Mitchell Extra Body for volumizing my hair. 
I let the look sink in for a while, but then it was time to run some errands. I wanted to pick up some items to make some fun goodies for my family to enjoy. My mom wanted me to wear my look out in the world while running errands, and I was about to, but being kind of the reserved and conserved person I am, I took a makeup remover wipe to my face before I left the house. While we were out, almost everyday wore their costumes. The adults wore their costumes while going grocery shopping. I totally should have kept my first look, I care too much about what people think. I need to fix that. While we were at WinCo, we saw The Joker from Batman. The Joker and his wife came out of WinCo after us, and as we walked out the door of WinCo, I caught The Joker out of the corner of my eye and asked my mom, "It's behind us isn't it?" She just started laughing. We made a stop at Starbucks because for today only, they offered Franken Frappes for only $3! I had to grab one, and it was so good. It tasted like green tea, with dark chocolate bits, and infused mint. 
As soon as we got home, I began making my Scarecrow Mix, and Muddy Buddies. I was multitasking because I was putting together the goodies, and putting together my second porcelain doll look. I used the same makeup for the second look, the only thing different was the eye design. To be honest, I like the first porcelain doll look better than this second one. I was attempting to draw lashes with this second look. I still love this second look, and it drew a lot of attention on social media, and the trick-or-treaters were pretty intrigued with the look as well. Let's hope it wins me some contests :) 
We watched Monster's Inc while handing out candy, and snacking on Scarecrow Mix and Halloween Muddy Buddies. Dad made steak and stir fry for my mom's birthday dinner, and we transitioned into watching Property Brothers. It was a pretty great Halloween. 
We ended up with 33 trick-or-treaters. I predicted that there was going to be a lot more, but since it is Friday night, that means football games, so a lot of the little trick-or-treaters were probably watching a football game instead or the big Blazer game instead of collecting candy. Surprisingly, out of 33 trick-or-treaters, we only had one little girl dress up Elsa from Frozen. I was expecting a lot more Elsas. But alas, we only had one. 
It was such a fun day. There was a tragedy this evening in the Portland Metro area. There was a massive car crash toward the Gresham area on Division St. I reminded every trick-or-treater that came to our door to stay safe. I hope everyone else had a safe evening. 
Happy Halloween! I can't believe it is already November. I am going to take off my makeup now, and get some rest.