Favorite Pins

Out of my 28,000+ pins, it was really hard to pick this week's pins, but I picked the ones that caught my eye. I haven't been pinning like a maniac lately, and I am glad. It means that I am finally busy, and that I finally have a "life." I used to say that I was always available, and that I had no "life," meaning no job, no classes, no significant other to show for. I now have a job, and classes, and blog is sort of like my significant other I guess. This all leaves me less time to pin, and I am totally ok with that. But Pinterest is pretty rad, and it will always be a good friend, and the plans after work on a Friday night. That is what Pinterest is to me. 
1. Canvas flower pots. These would be extremely fun to have around the house. They are different, and super fun! I would love for my plants to be housed in these beautiful canvas pots. 
2. Simple Bathroom. I would love a shower curtain around the tub, and that the tub would also be a shower. It would be relaxing to take a soak in that tub, dim the lights, candles, soft music, or a fun TV show. It would be lovely. 
3. I don't have a title for this cat, but I think he's silly. I don't know if I would call this abuse, because the cat just looks a little bothered, or tickled even. It's pretty cute. 
4. Boxed Breakfast. The perfect way to start your day, a muffin, and what looks to be delicious coffee. I thought that this pin was has a nice aesthetic to it.
5. Baking With Flowers. This is such a pretty, whimsical pin. It can actually happen though, baking with flowers, or adding edible flowers to a salad. It is beautiful. 

So, to be honest, while blogging this, I am slightly distracted because I am watching a really intense episode of Blue Bloods, and I have some clay pieces to make. So I will playing with clay until 12:00 am, my fault. :) 
I hope you enjoyed the pins! It almost Thanksgiving! It will be a busy Thanksgiving for me, but that is what makes life exciting. I will do my annual craft with the little girls this year, and I am so excited about it! Stay tuned! :)