Favorite Pins

I decided to do a theme for today's favorite pins post. The theme today is home and housewares, I love sleek, simple designs, and I love little pops of color, and cozy places to relax. I love interesting artifacts around the home, and nifty, practical gadgets. I love looking at ideas for my future home, I love to be inspired, and I love to dream. So, here are my favorite pins from pins that I have already pinned...
1. SMEG fridge. This fridge probably costs a fortune, but I love it! It would probably get scuffed up easily, but I still want it. The caption of this pin is "Sexy Fridge" and it is, indeed, a sexy fridge. The charcoal color is so beautiful, and I love the brass handles. They may be golden handles, but the metalic and charcoal combination is absolutely stunning. 
2. Cozy Bed. I would spend all day in this bed, doing homework, watching TV... I would live my life in this bed. I really love the little lights hanging above, they are so cute! 
3. Simple, Open Living Room. I really like those wooden built-ins, and the light gray couch is timeless. A simple room is timeless, and easy to add to, or take away. This is why I don't like to do color themed rooms, because what if I don't want that color later? Plus, I like open rooms, a lot of natural light, and simplicity. 
4. DIY Plastic Animal Planter. This would be a cute, little planter for a children's "green thumb" project. Purchase a cheap, plastic animal figure, drill a hole in it, and make a deeper divot so the plant can go inside. Paint it a bold color so it can add a pop of color to the room or garden. I love this idea. 
5. Agate Coasters. I am obsessed with agate, and geode coasters. They are different from regular coasters, and they are so pretty to look at. I want these coasters! I also want the different colored agate coasters, but they have to have the gold edge. From the first time I saw these, I have wanted them! They are so unique. 

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I hope you all have a great week! I know it's only Monday, so hang in there! :)