Favorite Pins

I pinned one pin last week, and that wasn't even a favorite pin! So, since I have 28,700 pins (I have a Pinterest problem, but that is over the course of 4 years) I decided to pick through my already pinned pins to find my favorites. I have a plethora of favorite pins that I always talk about, or reference, and these pins are just some of those many favorites. 
1. Simple Baby Nursery. I am so in love with this pin. The first time I saw it, I told myself that I wanted something similar to that for my own babies someday. I love that it isn't a theme, and it is cozy, light, and open. I love the rug as the focal point, and the simplicity of it. There are no bold colors, but I think I would a woven tapestry to the wall, and add a ceramic vase of flowers. This nursery gives me the base of what I would like my future baby's nursery to look like. 
2. Carved Crayons. How cool are those? I love this! This pin was actually one of the very first pins that I pinned when I first got my Pinterest. I thought that these crayons were so interesting, and the carvings are so intricate. They are the neatest. 
3. Simple Bedroom. As you can tell, I love a natural light source, and that window is fabulous for that reason. Again, like the baby nursery, this is not too bold, it is simple, and quaint. I might have a different bed spread, but I love this room set up. This is my dream bedroom. 
4. Sorel Boots. I have always wanted a pair of these! Of course, when I move to Florida, I will have no use for Sorel Boots, and honestly, living in Oregon I have no use for Sorel Boots. We really don't get that much snow here. Occasionally, every few years, we are trapped in a snow storm, but this last Februrary during the snow storm, I had my Hunter boots, and they worked out perfectly. I just think that Sorel Boots are the perfect the Winter shoe. They have Sorel Boots with a pink toe. Those would be the pair for me. 
5. Attic Bed. I want this in my dream house. This would the best romantic getaway. Or build a tree house like this, I would never leave that place. Notice the window, perfect for star gazing, or listening to the rain. I looks so comfy. :) 

It is Veteran's Day tomorrow. Honor someone you know who fought. At work, they have the uniforms of some of the late residents on display. It makes me smile when I walk past the uniforms. Those people served, and they should be honored! There is one man who almost one hundred years old. He wore his World War II uniform to dinner this evening, and he soluted me after I gave him his soup, and I soluted back. It made me smile to see that. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. Happy Veteran's Day!