Ensambl App

I am so excited to share this app with you today! I recently started a collaboration with Ensambl and I wanted to intoduce you all to this wonderful app. Ensambl is a great app for fashionistas who have trouble planning for the weather. If you are an Oregonian, you know exactly what I am talking about. One minute it rains, the next minute it is 85 degrees, and sunny. The weather can be pretty crazy. It is hard to dress for weather changes, or maybe style doesn't come easily to you. Ensambl is an app that will help to inspire fashion choices. They pull fashion bloggers and provide their photos to show off their outfits, and hopefully make it a little easier to dress for the day.
 When you first download this free app, you choose your state, and the area you are in, and it detects the weather of that area. After it detects the weather, it shows you a stack of photos that you can flip through, and while you flip through the photos, you can favorite the outfits, or reject the outfits if they are not suitable to your taste.
 I have really enjoyed using the app. It has helped me plan similar outfits for the more weathered days, such as rain and wind. As we head into the Winter season, it will be colder, and Ensambl will provide inspiration on how to layer your Summer clothes with your Winter clothes to create the perfect combination. When you click on a photo in your favorites, it will take you to that blog. This not only offers inspiration to anyone that needs or wants it, but it also supports the fashion bloggers out there by giving their blogs views and giving you a chance to connect with other people. You don't have to select just your state, you can mix it up a bit by choosing a different state, maybe to see what is trending, or what is in style across the country, because different cities have different styles for sure sometimes. Ensambl is a great app for fashionistas on the go as well. If you need a little outfit inspiration before going out, quickly scroll through Ensambl's chosen outfit picks, you are bound to find a style quickly that will suit your needs for where you are going, and the weather you will be in. I love using Ensamble, and I love how it connects me to other, more experienced fashion bloggers so that I can learn from the very best. 
Go check out the Ensambl app, and go follow their Instagram, Twitter, and check out their website. They provide great fashion advice on social media as well. Even if you are a seasoned fashionista, go check it out! It could inspire you further in the fashion world.