Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler

It is sometimes hard on your self confidence when you have scarring, or indentations in your skin that might be somewhat embarrassing to show. I have a scar on my forehead that I was self conscious about for a long time. It is a shallow scar, and I have tried many treatments to remedy my scar, but it was too deep to fix. Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler uses silicon to help fill in those imperfections.
You mix together the silicon material with material that matches your skin color. You spread on a very thin layer, depending on what how deep your scar is. Like I said, I have a shallow scar, so a thin layer is best. It does take practice, and it may seem like you are wasting all the material in the applicator, but really, you just need a small amount. I practiced to try and perfect filling in my scar. It took me a long time, and I still need more practice. I love the concept of filling in scars, it is great! If I were to use this everyday, I would need to wake up about two hours before I really needed to wake up just to perfect filling in my scar. Maybe my scar is too shallow for this, but I just don't have that time, or energy every morning. I understand that it works great for some people, but I am so used to my scar, and without Dermaflage, my scar is barely visible. 
If you look closely at my forehead, you can see my scar. This is not the most flattering camera angle of my face, but I wanted to show you my scar. This is before Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler. 
This is after Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler. It took me an hour & a half this morning to perfect it. I would use it more for deeper scars, definitely. I just don't think my shallow scar needs to be filled. You can still kind of see my scar, but it definitely is not as prominent as it was in the before photo. 
This is great concept! I know it works wonderful for others, but personally, I don't have deep enough facial scars that I feel the need to fill in. My shallow scar really doesn't need to be filled in, but maybe I just need extended practice. I find that texturizing the silicon material on my skin with my finger works better than using the texturizing pad. 
What I find interesting is that they ask to not use makeup over it. I tried it just to see how it would look, and they tell you not to use makeup over it for a reason. It totally highlights the silicon, and makes it extremely visible. I did however use Benefit's Pore-Fessional over the silicon. It is a balmy texture, and I believe it is powder based, at least that it how it feels. It went over the silicon material on my skin perfectly, it did not make the silicon too noticeable, and it helped blend it all in. 
This is a good, but not great product. It is fun to experiment with, and possibly after even more extended practice, perfect application will be quick. 

I think the look of this set is rather intriguing. It looks very medical, and somewhat scientific. It makes it fun to use, and experiment with. My first impression of the set was that the process of applying this material to my skin would be rather complicated, but it really isn't. It just takes practice and patience in perfecting filling in the scar. 

I am excited to keep using it, and maybe I will perfect it so that the scar is not visible at all. It would be great! All in all, this product is not among my favorites, mainly because the need to fill in my little shallow scar isn't really necessary.
I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you have been looking for something to fill in your scars, go check this out! I do recommend to at least try it because products work differently on different people. It would definitely be worth a try. :)
This post was sponsored by Jocelyn at Dermaflage. Thank you, Jocelyn!