Ceramic Creations

I am nearing the end of the term, and that means scrambling, and business. Today was the deadline for the all of the clay creations to be done so they can be bisque fired. I stayed up until 2:00 am this morning finishing up my slab projects. I wanted a very minimal load of things to do today in open lab. I ended up staying three hours, but I finished everything, and created some extra spoons, a little bowl, and a little plate. I am so excited to show off my creations once they are glazed, and fired again. They will look so pretty! 
I made those slab boxes out of inspiration from something I saw on Pinterest. One of the boxes is for my mom, and the other box is for my essential oils while my collection is still small. I am so proud of these boxes I made. As I was walking to the art village from my car this morning, I found some plants to do indentations and texturing on my boxes, or whatever they would look great on. I ended up using them on a little plate as well as the boxes. 
I ended up dripping slip in the box, creating that interesting "drip effect." I think it looks pretty, and after I get some glaze on there, the glaze will react to with the slip, and it look beautiful! I am going to apply wax resist to the plant indentations, and glaze around it. I am so excited to see my finished creations, and to actually be able to use them. 
Ceramics class has been fun, I met some very interesting people, learned the skills of clay, and I had a lovely time creating. It is therapeutic to play with clay. 
I am so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I have a very full day tomorrow, but that is alright by me. A blog post tomorrow will fill you in.