Braided Do Ups

I used to straighten my hair every single day, and even though I didn't realize it, I was damaging my hair more and more each day with heat. For the past couple of years, I have resorted to doing other things with my hair that don't require heat. I wanted to share some fun, braided styles that are quite easy to recreate. Most of these are inspired by Amber Fillerup Clark. She has beautiful hair, and creates amazing hair styles. I really admire her. 
This is my favorite braid from today! I love how it looks, a little messy, and I love how I made the braid bigger by pulling the loops of the braid to make the braid bigger. 
Normally, I mess up or distort my fishtail braids, but this time, it turned out really pretty, and perfect. I began with a French fishtail, leading it into the fishtail side braid. I also pulled the loops of the fishtail braid to make it bigger. I love big braids and I cannot lie... That was slightly distasteful, but I really like big braids. They make the hair style fuller, and sometimes slightly more dramatic, and they are pretty to look at. 
This next braid was simple. I just a Dutch braid, and braided it all the way down the length of my hair. I braided that braid into the side braid, and it helped make the braid fuller and bigger. I also pulled the loops of the braid to boost it's texture. 
This next braid was fairly easy. I took a small section of hair from behind my ear, braided it, and wraped it around the top of my head, as you can see, to make headband braid. I brought it around, and pinned the excess hair behind my ear. I want to keep practicing this hair style, and maybe add more braids to it, add different sizes or types of braids. It would be fun to play with. 
I get my hair inspiration mostly from Pinterest. Go check out my 'Do Ups board on my Pinterest! You can instantly go to my Pinterest profile by clicking on the Pinterest widget on the side bar. 
I am in love with braids. They are fun to do, and fun to practice. Whenever I see a beautiful hair style on Amber Clark, I swoon, and immediately try to recreate the style on my hair. 
If you have any questions about the hair styles above, please leave a comment. I would be happy to answer them! Have a great weekend lovelies! 


  1. You look lovely and your braid is amazing! I usually wear braids when having a bad hair day. it makes me feel girly! :)


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