Young Living Essential Oils-The Beginning

I am very excited! My essential oils from Young Living came yesterday! I became a wholesale member, and ordered the Basic Plus Starter Kit. Looking through the literature that I received with my starter kit, I should have splurged for the Premium Starter Kit, but it is after the fact, and I can get the Everyday Oils kit later. I received my happy mail yesterday, and I screamed happily the whole time that I was ripping open the box. I could not stop smiling! What other 18 year old is super excited about essential oils?
The first thing I did was fire up the diffuser with Stress Away, and I put a drop of Grapefruit in my Lifefactory water bottle. I sat and drank, and watched the steam of my diffuser. I think that I might be a little over zealous about my oils. I am very excited to learn more, buy more, do more with oils. I bought my grapefruit oil separately since it does not come with the kit, or any kit. It is so refreshing in my water, and gives off a happy, high energy vibe when diffused. My favorite oils to diffuse are Thieves and Stress Away, when I diffuse Thieves, it reminds me of Fall, and it is so strong, I just love it. 
So far, I have diffused Stress Away, Thieves, Grapefruit, Peace & Calming, Lemon, and Lavender. I love studying with the diffuser on, all day today I was studying, and I had my beautiful diffuser diffusing lovely oils, and they made my house smell amazing. Also, how cute is my diffuser? I am really excited about this essential oil oil journey. It will be fun to gather oils to incorporate into my beauty regime, and make some beauty DIYs with the oils, and share them! This is going to be so good. 
I also tried my sample of NinjXia Red, and I love it! I definitely want more of that. It is tart, and delicious. I would have to drink a little bit more, and daily to actually reap the benefits of NinjXia Red. 

I have been interested in essential oils for years. My interest in essential oils began in 8th grade. I have dabbled in essential oils here and there throughout the years, buying a few from the health food stores, and researching online about them, but now I have the tools and resources to further my knowledge of essential oils. This is going to be so exciting! I am already a part of a few private essential oil groups on Facebook, and I have listened to a few essential oil classes, so I feel prepared enough to help ease me through the beginning of my journey. 
If you have any oily advice, please share it. I would love to connect and talk about oils. I am afraid to be free with my oils, and experience them to their fullest potential. 
So, here I go, entering the wonderful world of Young Living. 


  1. Hello Courtney,
    Congratulation for your membership. I think you are so happy with your essential oil. Thank you for describing your fillings with us.

  2. We love our oils! They really work, they save us money and they rock my world. I am interested in learning how they work and and how people use them., we’ve got at least one diffuser going every day to keep things fresh and germ-free

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