Young Living Essential Oil Wishlist

In honor of finally purchasing my Basic Plus Starter kit and Grapefruit essential oil from Young Living,(yay!!), I have compiled an essential oil wishlist. Over the past few months, ever since I took an online class from Casey Wiegand, I have been obsessing over Young Living essential oils, and writing down oils that I want. I am so glad that I finally ordered it, and became a wholesale member! I am very excited. So, here is my list... 
1.) Valor. This is an essential oil blend that promotes self-esteem, courage, and strength. After the beating that the Summer gave me, and with help from my own thoughts, this would be a great oil for when I need a little strength promotion. 
2.) Thieves. Casey raves about this essential oil blend! I will be receiving a few samples of it in my basic starter kit, and I am so excited to use it! It is supposed to support the immune system, and promote good health. It is perfect for flu season in trying to prevent the spread of germs. I had a sore throat all night, but it went away this morning. That just goes to show that cold season is upon us! 
3.) Stress Away. The Summer was also full of stress, full of uncertainty, full of stomach tensing, and horrible crying, it was bad. I am overreacting a little, but the Summer was very stressful, and this would have come in handy. With school, and my job, and other life things going on, I do believe that stress oil would be my go-to oil. This is definitely one of the first ones I am going to get off my wishlist. And SOON!
4.) Purification. If you know me, you know that I love cleanliness, and air purity. Purification does just what it's name is, purification purifies the air, and deodorizes the air. I would love to use this in my diffuser everyday! 
5.) Patchouli. This oil is used to promote health, and to release negative emotions. It also helps support the digestive system, and helps relieve queasiness. I will keep this in my purse! I get car sick easily, and when I do not have my water bottle with me to take my Dramamine, I can just take out my Patchouli oil and sniff it. 
6.) Bergamot. Oh I love bergamot! I love the comforting smell of bergamot. I should get the pine essential oil and mix the two together. Oh my goodness! What a lovely, wintery smell that will be. It also uplifts the mood. It is uplifting my mood just thinking about it. It is also said to aid oily and troubled skin. Perfect! 

Now that I am a wholesale member, I will be ordering some of these oils soon. Spread out, of course because I have more important things to be saving up for, but when I need a little relief, my oils will always be there. I'm becoming an oily!! Very excited to use my oils. 

It is Friday! Almost the weekend! I have to work tomorrow, and Sunday, so it isn't much of a weekend, but at least I get to sleep in, listen to my Snow Patrol Pandora station, and do Chemistry and Anthropologie homework. It actually very relaxing, and I don't dread my job, I actually find myself smiling throughout the whole night. Have a great weekend, everyone!