Treat Your Hair

When you receive a box of lovely things from The Honest Company, it says, "Warning: What's inside this box may cause spontaneous delight." That is how I felt when I opened my The Honest Company box. I already loved The Honest Company before, but after trying their shampoo & body wash, I fell in love with them again! 
The Honest Company gifted me with this amazing shampoo & body wash, and all the little trial sizes in a beginner essentials starter kit. But the focus is on the shampoo. I am so excited to talk about their sulfate free, totally safe, totally awesome shampoo! I can only use sulfate free shampoo, otherwise my hair will get waxy with the sulfate-chalked shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates also strip your scalp of it's natural oils, so therefore, your scalp will try to overcompensate for the loss of oils, whereas your hair gets oily faster. But not with The Honest Company shampoo! The Honest Company shampoo does not strip your scalp of their natural oils, yet it cleans your hair to the point of perfection. The lovely fragrance of sweet orange vanilla is calming and blissful when massaging your head with the luxurious shampoo. I absolutely love The Honest Company's shampoo! I use it along with Malibu C 100% vegan conditioner, which is also sulfate free. 
To talk a little bit about the conditioner, Malibu C 100% vegan conditioner totally treats this dry spot I have in my hair. I have talked about this dry, rough spot in my hair a few times before, and I have done everything I can think of to help treat that annoying dry spot! But Malibu C 100% vegan conditioner did the trick! Malibu C's conditioner also makes my hair so silky soft, and shiny. The duo power of The Honest Company shampoo and Malibu C 100% vegan conditioner is the perfect pairing for my hair! I have received many, kind compliments regarding my pretty hair, and it is all thanks to The Honest Company shampoo and Malibu C 100% vegan conditioner. 
As Jessica Alba would say, being natural does not have to be dull or boring, it is pretty, safe, and just look at that packaging! So cute! So please go try out The Honest Company shampoo and Malibu C's 100% vegan conditioner. Give your hair a real treat! 

this post was sponsored by The Honest Company. all text was written by me, and all opinions are my own.