Julep Maven September Colors

A full day of chemistry equals coming home, making coffee, watching Gilmore Girls, and blogging about nail polish. I am so nail polish deprived because I can't wear nail polish at work. My beautiful, Julep nail polish colors that I cherish and rave over. So today, I came home, took a whiff of my nail polishes, and started painting my nails with my September Julep Maven colors. 
Oh my goodness, this blush pink color that Julep calls Fifi is a super cute color! I am so excited to wear it for winter. It reminds me of a pink, warm, fuzzy sweater. It reminds me of warmth. If you are not familiar with Julep nail polishes, I will catch you up. Julep nail polishes lets your nails breathe. It strengthens, and adds antioxidants from pure green coffee extract to your nails. I am quite eth-nailcentric with Julep beauty. Do you get it? Eth-nailcentric? Like ethnocentric? Where you feel that your culture is superior to another, but eth-nailcentric because I think Julep nail polishes are the superior nail polish brand. My anthropology teacher would be proud. 
This beautiful, deep teal color is called Ryan. It has a satin finish, and dries quickly! That is always a plus when painting nails. I hate waiting forever for nails to dry. An added bonus with this beautiful Ryan color, since it has a satin finish, it makes nails look classy. My nails, however look slightly messy. I am not a pro nail painter, nor do I want to pay someone at a nail salon to paint my nails. I'd rather do it slightly messy, it eventually evens out. ;) 
Oh! Oh this gold color. It is called Mahima. It goes on perfectly, with this color, I don't have to take a Q-tip with nail polish remover and go around the edges. It is a beautiful color, with easy application. I am telling you, Julep nail polish is the superior, best nail polish brand out there!
Aren't these colors warm? Autumn colors don't just have to red, orange, and yellow. I love Julep Beauty! Julep nail polish is the best, in my opinion. I am in love with their products!

Have you tried Julep beauty products? Tell me about your experience with Julep beauty! I would love to hear! 

Well, it is my weekend now. I don't have school on Fridays, and I don't work this weekend! It is perfect because I have an anthropology test to study for, and chemistry problems that are due on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!