Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift

Juice Beauty is an organic beauty company that combines science and nature together. When I use my Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift, I feel like a chemist. I have vials of the serum lined up, and I pour the serum onto the dried, pressed marine algae. It's fun, and beautifying. I actually won this set in an Instagram contest, and I love it! I tried it first on Thursday, and again today, and I have to say that I can oddly feel it working. I can now fake a good night's sleep. 
Putting myself on my blog with no makeup is still weird to me, but I should be comfortable in my makeup-less skin. I also realized that I am wearing my Yellowstone t-shirt. I just woke up! I was also jazzed about sharing this product. It's fun to use! 
And now, for the rest of the day, I will look well rested. It doesn't dry out your skin, and it smoothes your skin. I really like this Instant Eye Lift from Juice Beauty. It rocks! 
Entering contests daily pays off. I love winning free products! I am going to check out more products from Juice Beauty. I have heard good things about Juice Beauty, and I definitely want to venture into this brand more. 

Well, a little something about my life: I am going to solve the schedule fiasco that is happening at work today. I need it to be solved. I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend! Smile a lot! Smiling is the best beauty product :) And it is all natural and free.