Gilmore Girls

I am so thrilled that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. It is my favorite show! For those of you who do not know what Gilmore Girls is, it is a show about a mother and a daughter who are best friends, living the small town life, and dealing with the interesting people around them. You walk with them through Stars Hollow with their loves, their losses, their problems, their happy times. It is a fast-talking, witty show. The writers of Gilmore Girls were seriously brilliant. Gilmore Girls is a special show. We started watching it 7 years ago; my mom, sister, and I would watch it together. It was during the Summer, so we could spend all of our time watching Gilmore Girls, and we did! When we would finish a season, we would go out to the library and pick up another season. We watched it all until the end, until we watched the whole series of Gilmore Girls. It brings back memories, it is a comforting show. I love Gilmore Girls so much that my mom's ringtone for me is the Gilmore Girls theme song. I love it. My Aunt Aimee and I are planning a Gilmore Girls viewing party, complete with food mentioned on Gilmore Girls. Maybe we should do a coffee drinking game every time Lorelai says "coffee." Gilmore Girls is such a special show to me, and I love it. I wanted to talk about Gilmore Girls because it just recently came on Netflix, and it is awesome. Have I mentioned that it is my favorite show? I did. I did mention that. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday. I had a great day! A great day at school, a great day at work. Just a great day! 

Tell me what you love about Gilmore Girls! I can't wait to read the comments!