Favorite Pins of the Week

A few little things about my life before we go onto the pins, it isn't anything too exciting, but I learned how to coil pot today. I am making something that is kind of advanced for me in my ceramics class, but I think it is turning out how I expected it to. I also had my first, official college exam today in Anthropology. I think I did well, but I am going to wait on my score before I celebrate. Everything with school is great. Everything with work is great. As for my blog, I have been receiving a lot of post sponsor offers from smaller companies and businesses, I am so excited for the upcoming posts! They will be something to look forward to. 

I didn't work over the weekend, so I had a little bit more time to pin things. I need to go through my pins and delete ones that I no longer like. They are just taking up space. I went through this week's pins rather quickly during my hour break between school and work, but while chosen quickly, these are my definite favorites. 
1.) Coconut Water Iced Coffee. I actually tried this on Saturday, and it was really good! I braved it, and at first I was nervous about it, but after I tried it, it really was not so bad. It was better than creamer, and it is healthier too. Usually after I drink coffee, I feel my skin dry up, but after drinking coconut water iced coffee, I noticed that I didn't dry up, so not only is it surprisingly tasty, but it is hydrating too. 
2.) Halloween Muddy Buddies. Due to my busy schedule, and my need to celebrate every holiday with fun and food, I am going to be doing this recipe soon on the blog. I'm not doing any Halloween party, but I would like to blog my Halloween. It won't be anything too elaborate, especially since I have to work on Halloween. Not so much of a bummer since Halloween is on a Friday, and kids will be trick-or-treating later than normal. I still want to do my elaborate makeup, and pass out candy :) 
3.) Anthropology Confetti Sweater. How cute is this sweater? I think it is adorable, and it looks super comfy. It would be the perfect Fall sweater. Oh, I want it. I really want it. 
4.) Fishtail Pigtails (Free People model). This favorite pin is really just a Free People model, modeling some sort of clothing piece, but the reason I favorited it is because of her hair! I love the look of thick fishtail braids. I am still trying to learn how to fishtail, and when I learn to do it perfectly, I am doing this hair style. My hair would also have to be a bit longer for this... It is so unique! 
5.) Hanging Lemons. Not that I would ever do this for a wedding, but maybe for a fun party in the future. It is different, but kind of inspirational. That is the whole of pinterest. To find inspirational content. :) 

I don't dread Mondays like I used to before. Mondays do not suck in my world, and I hope your Monday wasn't a dreaded day of horrible. If you have some great pins, link them to me! I would love to check them out!