Favorite Pins of Last Week

I really don't like skipping a day in blogging, but two days! I have been very busy lately with work, and school, and blogging for Style Equation magazine. The November/December issue is coming out in six days, and I have bern promoting all of these specials that they have going on right now. I also have a Chemistry midterm that I am taking on Thursday, and I am trying to prepare myself for. Life has taken over, and I have needed to put my blogging on the back burner for a couple of days so I can get some things done. Technically, this is still my Monday even though it is Tuesday, October 28. I have not gone to bed yet, so to me, it is still Monday the 27th. 
I find myself pinning more to help me fall asleep. It is calming, and relaxing. It is kind of like reading, especially when you are snuggled up and ready to fall asleep, Pinterest helps me to fall asleep. With all of everything that is constantly on my mind, it is nice to power down with Pinterest. I just made Pinterest sound like a snore. Pinterest is not boring at all, it is a dazzling idea network that helps to inspire. It is a very exciting site, but at night it is calming after a rigorous day. 
Here are my favorite pins of last week...
1.) Simple Living Room. This pin is really for showing off the low shelving unit, but to me, it serves as an inspiration purpose. I love simplicity, and uncluttered rooms. I love the modern look to this room, but it has a cozy feel as well. When I think modern, I think of anything but cozy, but this is a cozy room, and it is homey. I also like how open it is, and the outpour of natural light coming from the window. 
2.) Fishtail Braid & Flower Crown. For the regular readers, you know that I love flower crowns. They are so pretty, and whimsical. And fishtail braids are my favorite braids, I love this do up. 
3.) Work Space. I love the wood wall. I love the wood desk. MACs are sexy pieces of technology. I would love to type a paper, or do my blogging in this space. I might want a window next to the desk top, in this setting the room looks a bit dark. This space is perfect. Again, it is simple! Itisn't too elaborate. 
4.) 20 Uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil. Since I received my essential oils this past weekend, I have been a little over zealous with them, so I have been pinning the different uses for each oil. My favorite essential oil is the grapefruit essential oil. It has so many uses, and it is an extremely helpful oil for those females who have really painful cramps. I tried it for my cramps, and I have to say I noticed a little bit of relief. My cramps are pretty powerful, so I know that the essential oil won't rid the pain completely, but I like using the oils instead of ibuprofen. The oils are a much better alternative. 
5.) Scarecrow Crunch mix. I am making this for my family to munch on while we pass out candy on Halloween. I am also making Halloween muddy buddies! I am so excited for Friday! It should be a lot of fun. You know it will all be documented on here, so you can read about it on Saturday most likely. :) 

A very hectic Monday it was yesterday (still my today). I found solace in blogging, and diffusing my Stress Away oil to melt the tension of today. Next week, I am going to try and slow down a bit. I have a feeling this week will go by very fast. I really need to slow down a bit. 
I hope you enjoyed the pins I picked. If you want to check out more of my pins, go check out my pinterest by clicking on the pinterest widget in the left sidebar. :) Have a good Tuesday folks. 


  1. I make a similar Harvest snack mix every year for my Sunday school class and for everyone to snack on, it is always yummy. This year I found Cinnamon flavored Chex that were very yummy addition to the mix. :) Looking forward to seeing your Halloween posts! :)


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