Favorite Pins of Last Week

Monday is almost over already!? Wow, it went by quick. The days go by quicker when you are busy. Anyway, the scheduling faux pas is all over and done with. They straightened it out at work, and all is well. I would like to get more hours, so I will ask for more next week. 

As for the pins, I have an array of seasonal, creative, and fun pins for you today. With the holidays coming up, I tend to pin for the future, and I think the seasonal pins are a great idea! Well, obviously since I picked them as my favorite pins. ;)
1.) Crate Paper roll. This is not a seasonal pin, but it creative! This would be perfect to keep in the kitchen, like a giant list, or rip a piece off for scratch paper. It's such a great idea, and I love how it kind of looks industrial. It would inspire me to write little notes all the time. 
2.) Light & Airy Kitchen. I love the way the sun shines through the window. I would so enjoy cooking, baking, even cleaning this beautiful kitchen. I love the plants behind the faucet, and the glassware around. This is my dream sink area. It is simple. 
3.) Plaid Anthropologie Scarf. This is such a perfect scarf for Fall. I love the multiple, slightly muted colors that the scarf contains. It is a total Fall piece. I am going to try and find one like it. 
4.) Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon ring. Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought this was a lovely little awareness raiser. Sporting the pink ribbon everywhere, and in a creative way I might add. I love the design of the ring. Simplicity is wonderful. 
5.) Christmas decorations. I guess this is the only seasonal pin. Again, it is simple, and festive. Garlands always make gatherings, or seasons more festive. I love the little trees in the pots, and the way the table is set up. It isn't over the top Christmas decoration, just simple and cute. 

I hope this was a little pinteresting :), and pinspiring. Tomorrow I have a fun fashion post planned, so stay tuned! Have a great week.