Current Beauty Faves

I have recently acquired some beauty products that I have quickly become addicted to. I wanted to share my favorites that I am currently loving, because they are amazing! Bear with me, as you can see, there are quite a few products here, but I couldn't leave out any of my favorites. So, here we go...
Starting with Benefit's Push-Up liner, They're Real mascara, and gimme BROW, these products were from my Beauty Bash party. At first, I was not too fond of the Push-Up liner, but after using it a few more times, I really like it! It makes putting eyeliner on much easier. The They're Real mascara seems to be growing my lashes everyday. Again, at first I was not too fond of the mascara, but after using it a little bit more, I love the mascara. I have received many compliments on my eyes since using They're Real Push-Up liner, and mascara. Benefit's gimme BROW is great! It has helped shaped my slightly unruly eyebrows. I love it. These products have seriously changed the way I do my makeup everyday. 
Oh my goodness, I am so glad that I have discovered this awesome mask. I first heard about this mask on Savannah Wallace's blog when she had her own blog. I was intrigued by it because I love Freeman face masks! They work, they do the trick, and they feel luxurious. I have been looking everywhere for the charcoal and black sugar mask from Freeman, and I finally found it! I got it a few days ago, and the day I got it, I tried the mask that night. It was a little confusing at first, with the mask coming out of the tube like a face exfoliant, but it said to keep on your face for 5-7 minutes and then exfoliate. Again! Oh my goodness! My face felt, still feels, and looks amazing! I love Freeman masks! 
I know I have previously posted about Smashbox Photo Finish primer, so that means I love, love it. This is the very best primer! My foundations, and BB creams just glide over it smoothly, and my makeup lasts all day. Have I mentioned that I love this primer? It is great! 
Talc-Free, perfect for acne-prone skin, oxygenating formula, YES PLEASE! I actually won this awesome Physician's Formula powder. I was using a different Physician's Formula powder, but switched over to the oxygen boosting formula. With the other powder, I looked powdery. With the oxygen boosting formula powder, I look air brushed, and perfect. I really love this powder. It is pretty great. It also helps my makeup last all day. Plus, the fact that it is good for my skin is a total good thing. 
Free, from my Influenster VoxBox (which I so enjoyed), this foundation, and these eyelashes are THE BOMB. I wore KISS lashes for prom, and they rocked. Unfortunately, I did keep these super awesome fake eyelashes, and threw them away. But when I opened my VoxBox, and saw these KISS lashes, I was so excited! It was like my prom lashes rose from the grave. When I put these lashes on, it feels so natural. They are perfectly fitted to my eyes, and give my lashes a boost. Very excited about my lashes. Now, for the foundation. I have never really been into the common drugstore makeup brands, but when VoxBox sent me this Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation (115 is my shade), I was actually very excited to try it. It turns out that it is a really awesome foundation! It controls shine all day long, blurs the imperfections, and it doesn't take much to cover my whole face. It is wonderful.
I was told by an anonymous comment on my blog a while back that this is not the way to do a blog post. It was rather mean, and I deleted it. Well, this is the way I do my posts. I include products that go hand-hand in with each other. This is how I do my blog posts, and if it was not the "correct" way of blogging, then my stats would not be growing, and growing daily. Ignore the mean comments folks, or laugh at them, then ignore them, especially those who comment anonymously. I do enjoy comments though! So, if you have any questions about these products, or really anything else, please ask in the comment section.

Wow! It took me two hours to write this post! Gilmore Girls is so distracting. It is a good distraction though. Have a good evening everyone, and don't sweat the small things.