Boots Beauty Boots out Blemishes

For the past couple of years, the Summer has set off stress and my face is the one that takes and absorbs all of the stress, so that means blemishes. I have tried everything to treat them, and it either dries out my face, or doesn't work at all, and makes the problem worse. I became fed up, and irritated. I had to find something that really works. My mom told me about this product, it is in a pill form called Nature's Cure and it is made from all natural ingredients, and they have no side effects. These tablets just help rid me of my blemishes. I have been taking them for about a week and a half, and I can already see a major improvement. That is not all that is helping beautify my face, I am also cleansing my face daily with Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam. This is such a gentle cleanser that does not strip my face of moisture. The best cleansers out there are the ones that do not strip your face of moisture. 
Without the harsh ingredients like benzoil peroxide, this amazing cleanser does not irritate sensative skin. It doesn't make you feel like the first layer of your skin has been eaten away by a harsh chemical. It is so lovely. The reason why it keeps in the hydration is because Boots uses willow bark in this cleanser, and in other amazing products from Boots. It is actually a fun story of how I came to purchase this wonderful cleanser. My mom and I were in our regular haunt, the beauty section in Target. My mom was looking for something specific, and we walked by the Boots section. A lovely representative of Boots beauty. She helped educate us on the wonders of Boots beauty, and we were sold. I told her about my blog, and my slight addiction to beauty products, and thanking her for feeding my addiction. I also told her the cause of my insipid blemishes (the fact that I was going crazy over trying to find a job over the Summer, and the stress battled with all the hormones, and created embarrassment), well, long story short, she said that she would let me know when a job opens up through Boots beauty. Working with beauty products would be an absolutely amazing job! I dream about it everyday! Is that too much? 

Anyway, this cleanser is absolutely wonderful, and it totally works. The Boots beauty representative said that she has had many people switch over to the Boots Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam from Proactive. That impressed me! I believe it too because I have tried Proactive, and I have to give it a bad review. Now that is a skin care regiment that dries out, and irritates my skin. Boots doesn't do that. :) 
Now, to show off my results. Posting pictures of my blemished skin, no photoshop, makes me slightly vulnerable. I am putting my blemished face online for the sake of showing you that Nature's Cure working together with Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam is actually working for me. 
Here is a photo from just a couple of days ago. It has improved in just a couple of days. 
Here is the "before" photo, the photo taken just a couple of days ago...
Now, here are the photos taken today. Note that I did not do any blemish eliminating whatsoever. I added a filter to photo as I always do, but it does not contort, nor fix my face in these photos. These are the "after, and still in progress" photos...
I guess it does not make me too vulnerable since I walk around in public without a paper bag over my head. This is the same thing as "in public", it is just the digital community. 
These two, amazing products work, at least for me. I am confident again, and my face is getting back to normal. I wanted to share these awesome products because I have tried most everything out there that is anti-acne, and it did not work. For two years, I have been hunting and researching for something that works, and I finally found them! These products together cost less than $15, so it actually works, and it is not costly! 

If you have been hunting, and researching for the best anti-acne products that will actually work, go check out Nature's Cure, and Boots beauty. My skin is super picky, I have learned that over the years, and the fact that my skin is showing positive results while using these products says that these products really work! So go check them out! 

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be organizing my Chemistry notes for my midterm that is happening on Tuesday. Another yay that is weak, and unenthusiastic.