Q Bug's First Birthday Party

Little Miss, you are so loved. I am very careful when writing about someone else's life, but I feel that a first birthday for a very special girl needs to be documented. Quincy is a big part of my life, and I love her sweet cheeks so much. Her birthday theme was hedgehogs, and Aimee did a great job with the simple decor. My favorite decor item was the garland of her month photos. Aimee & Randy took photos of her every month, wearing a onesie and a sticker with the month she was. There were twelve photos on the garland. It was precious! Aimee's mom made the beautiful cake, and she did a fantastic job. It was delicious! They tried to get Q to demolish her little itty bitty cake, but unfortunately, she was not too interested in her little cake. I would say her party was a great little party, she received great gifts, and she was smiley, and talkative with her little squeaks and coos. QB is growing way too fast! :( but it is fun to see her grow.