Jooniper Lee Creations

I was so excited because there was a little break from the rain to take these photos. This is a special post because I am showing off some earrings from Jooniper Lee Creations. Jooniper, or Samantha was my sister's counselor when my sister was a camper at Trout Creek Bible Camp, and Samantha's camp name was Jooniper. I met Samantha on Brittney's last day of camp, sometime ago when we came to pick Brittney up. Since then, Samantha got married, and now has two, beautiful children. She makes adorable earrings, jewelry, baby clothes, baby head bands, just really cute items. If you are in the market for adorable baby leggings, or funky jewelry, Jooniper Lee Creations is the shop to browse through. Here are some fun earrings and a ring from her shop. I don't usually wear earrings, but these earrings are super cute. I love the buttons! They are so fun. 
My favorite ones are the bigger blue ones. Blue always looks nice with my skin tone, and they make my eyes pop. I am going to start wearing earrings more often now.
Please go check out Samantha's shop, Jooniper Lee Creations and her Facebook page. Her shop is so cute, and super fun! 

post sponsored by Jooniper Lee Creations. Thank you Samantha! 


  1. great outfit..your earings are so cute!
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