First Day of College

This morning, I woke up excited. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life, college. I got ready for the day slowly, taking my time, and trying not to rush, this kept me relaxed. I have a tendency to freak out, and then anxiety ruins my whole day. I decided to block out that anxiety and really enjoy my first day in college. The highlight of my morning was the drive to Mt. Hood CC. As I was driving, My Wish by Rascal Flatts came on, and this is a little sappy, but I started happy crying. I felt like it was a send off from my family and friends. It was a perfect start to my day, a perfect introduction this new chapter. That song is perfect for entering a new chapter of your life. 

When I arrived at MHCC, I went in search of my first class. My first class on Monday mornings is Ceramics. It actually was not too hard to find. I walked into the classroom, and immediately saw a wall of pottery. It was then and there that I knew this would be a very interesting class. I went and found a seat, there was only one other person in the classroom, as I came early to be sure and find the location of my class. As other students started filing in, and the instructor came into the room, and going over the syllabus, I started feeling like an actual college student. There are some very interesting people in my ceramics class, they have some fascinating stories to tell. I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy ceramics. I am glad to be taking an art class. 
After the introduction of Ceramics, the instructor excused us and I went on the hunt for my next class. I had about two hours to kill before my next class, Anthropology: Introduction to Culture started. I found a few people that I knew, but I wanted to sit by myself on a bench and get some blogging done. I glanced up every once in a while, and saw all of the people walk by. There is an array of different people here, something that I was not exposed to very much in high school. 

It was then 1:03, and the Anthropology instructor finally came to open the door for us, and the class filed in. I can tell that I am going to love Anthropology! The instructor is funny, and she is letting us answer the essay questions at home, plus she is allowing us to have a 3x5 index card of info during our exam. Plus I am really interested in culture. I learned a lot just from her mini lecture today. I took a whole page of notes, and a little bit on the second page. 
All in all, it was a pretty eventful day. I am excited to get started working with clay and making projects. Very excited! I am also very excited about my Anthropology class. That should be a really fun subject. Tomorrow I have chemistry. I am a wee bit nervous about that, but I could be nervous about nothing. 

Hope you all had a great Monday! 


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