Favorite Pins From The Week

I wanted to update my readers on something kind of big that has happened in my life. First of all, I GOT THAT JOB! The job that I was interviewing for on Monday, I got it! I started training on Friday, I had training yesterday, and my last day of training is today. I think I am ready to take on the whole row of tables by myself. You see, I am a server at a retirement community. It has great hours, lovely coworkers, and it is only a 10 minute drive. It is perfect for a first job! Another big thing that is happening very soon, tomorrow actually, I start my college classes! I am very excited to get into a school schedule, a work schedule, and a blogging schedule. I need to plan my posts because I won't have time to sit around, and figure out what to blog about. I am ready for classes! I am so ready! Anyway, back to the post at hand, I have selected some pins from my pinnings last week. I don't have a lot of down time to go through pinterest for hours like I used to be able to, but I pin at night when I am trying to sleep. It relaxes me. So I hope you like this week's picked pins. 
1.) Be You. Two simple words that help remind me to be me, to appreciate me, and not to compare myself to other people. I have that problem sometimes of comparing myself to other people, and when I see this pin, I remind myself that I am pretty great too. That being myself is rewarding, and that my life is wonderful. I also love the typeface. It is so cute! 
2.) Children's Bedroom. I love the simplicity of the animal theme. Do you see the blue dinosaur on the night stand next to the bed? I love that! I love the wood paneling, and the tiger blanket. I am not one for big themes for children's bedrooms. Their interests change so quickly that it is easier, time saving, and economical to not have a specific theme. There are such things as posters, pictures, blankets, and toys to feed their interest. Plus, as they get older, there isn't much to change when they have a simple bedroom.  
3.) Superfood Salads. I am a big fan of superfood powder to put in smoothies, but I love the idea of being able to eat the raw superfoods. When they are in their raw form, you get the most nutrients out of them. I am excited to put together some superfood salads; over the Summer, I have had a really unhealthy diet, but in the past few weeks, I have been eating healthy, and trying to find other sources of healthy foods. These salads will be the perfect venture. 
4.) Bunny With A Flower Crown. In a previous "favorite pins" post, I mentioned that I love it when animals are wearing flowers. It is girly, cute, and whimsical. There isn't much more to say, but awww. 
5.) Vest With Blue Plaid. This looks like a cozy Fall or Winter outfit. I have these items on my Fall wishlist. It is simple style, and layering adds texture. I love this outfit idea! I cannot wait for colder weather. It was 90 degrees yesterday! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and continues to have a great week. This week is a big week for me! I am very excited! 


  1. Bedrooms are one of my top favorite things to pin, especially children's bedrooms, because they're often full of bright playful colors and prints. I'm loving the foxes! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Oh I know, it is definitely one of my favorite things to pin as well.


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