Favorite Pins From Last Week

I didn't do a whole bunch of pinning last week, but I did some. I had a busy week last week, I house sat my Aunt's house over the weekend, and I babysat my cousin's baby on Wednesday, and of course Quincy's party yesterday. It has been a busy week, and there is no die down until Christmas Break. Classes start next week, ahh! I cannot believe I am going to be a college student! I am taking one rigorous course this term, Chemistry. It will go towards my nursing degree, and the rest of the classes will expose me more to the arts. I am taking Anthropology Language & Culture, and a Ceramics class. I am pretty excited! Another big thing going on in my life, I had an interview today at a retirement home today to be a server, he basically told me that I was hired! I have to take a drug test, which will be an easy pass for me ;) . My orientation for the job is on Thursday! I am very excited, this will be my first paying job, and the hours are great! It will be perfect for me. So, after that little update, here are the pins! 
1.) Skillet Brownies. I am intrigued by skillet cakes, cookies, and brownies. Any skillet dessert interests me. I have never tried to make skillet dessert because I have no idea if they actually work. I have never made one, and I don't want to ruin it and waste ingredients. I am extremely interested in trying a skillet dessert though. Have you ever made a skillet dessert? If so, please tell me about your experience in the comments. I would love to read about it! 
2.) Candy & Chocolate Covered Apple Slices. These look so yummy! They also look easy to make, and wouldn't these apples be the perfect Fall treat? It makes a pretty picture, especially if I add colored sprinkles. This is a definite Fall treat I will make in the near future. 
3.) Clean White Kitchen. This is my dream kitchen, it is so open, and airy! The sink looks like a dream, and I would enjoy creating delicious meals in this kitchen. If I had this kitchen, I don't think I would leave it. I would spend all my time cooking, baking, creating, and I would enjoy washing dishes. ;) 
4.) Painted DIY Pumpkin. This looks like a great DIY for fall! It looks fun, and easy, and super cute! I would love to display these pumpkins on my front porch. I love carve-free pumpkin projects. Last year, I glittered and blinged up a couple of pumpkins. Yes, roasting the seeds is a rewarding experience after carving, but that is why we get a personal, small pumpkin for the seeds. Be on the look out for this no-carve pumpkin DIY on my blog in the next few weeks. 
5.) Zebra Stamped Gift Wrap. How cute is this? Yet another easy DIY! I love the simplicity of it, and the fact that it gives the wrapping character and personality. My cousin Isabelle has a birthday coming up, I might just have to make my own gift wrap with fun stamps like this one for her. I always pin these cute packaging ideas, but never carry them out. I need to start doing them because it adds prettiness to the packaging. 

I know it is Monday, but it is possible to have a good Monday, so I hope that everyone had a good (or at least decent Monday) and continues to have a great week! 


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