Fall Photo

On my drive to school today, I saw the leaves falling from the trees, they were not orange, or red, but they were still falling, one by one. The Fall season is definitely upon us, especially since it was pouring down rain all night, and has not stopped. 
I'm glad I wore my boots today because on my way to Ceramics class, I stepped in kind of a deeper puddle. If I had been wearing trainers, or non-enclosed shoes, I would have been miserable all day. 
I found these leaves right outside my ceramics classroom, and knew they would be perfect for today's Fall photo.
A little bit about Hunter Boots. I am in love with my Hunters. I had been wanting a pair forever, and I got them last Christmas! They are my favorite shoes to wear during the Fall & Winter seasons. I was a little nervous about wearing them in the snow, I was unsure if the snow would be too tough on my rubber boots, but Hunter boots are quality rain boots, so they are great to wear in all unpleasant weather. When Portland had that big snow and ice storm back in February, my Hunter boots were the only shoes that I wore for those four days. They kept my feet dry, and I wore fuzzy socks to help keep my feet warm. 
Something a little off topic from the Fall photo... It is a little bit scary driving in the first rain of the season, because after a while of the weather being warm and dry, the road collects oil, dirt, and other substances from cars, or spilled drinks, whatever may be, those substances dry on the road. When the first rain comes, the road becomes a little sludgy with the oil, dirt, and whatever else may be on it.  Since it has not been washed away yet. I experienced a little bit of sliding yesterday, which was scary! I didn't know what was causing me to slide, it scared me because we replaced the tires only 6 months ago. So my dad told me the other causes of tire sliding. The Fall and Winter seasons are the most difficult to drive in. I just wanted to warn everybody. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Fall Wednesday today. Only two more days until the weekend ;) 

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  1. I've got a pair of glossy black Huntress Womens Wellingtons which are smart and stylish and keep my Tights dry when it rains, there is something strangely reassuring about wearing Wellingtons and I know that you will get good service from yours.

  2. Omg you look fabulous in those Hunters! I cant get enough of my 5 pairs i have, i have to wear them constantly here in rainy seattle. You would look super cute in white or pink ones!

  3. Thanks sweet friend! Yes! I want a pair of pink Hunters! Haha I just need the money ;) lol

  4. Thats great! Are you much of a dress girl? I know of a bunch of dresses that youd look super cute in if youd like to see?


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