DNA Lipstick

I absolutely love finding makeup off of Etsy. The makeup from Etsy shops are usually quality, and the creator/shop owner puts all of their pride, and care into their makeup. I was browsing through Etsy a couple of weeks ago, and found this amazing, black lipstick. I knew it was used for costume and stage, but I never really thought of black for a lipstick color. I was intrigued by this black color. I went and visited her Etsy shop, and I was impressed by all the interesting colors. DNA Cosmetics makes almost every color you can imagine for lipstick. I decided to buy an everyday color, and a color that is a little more playful, then she gifted my two darker colors that are very dramatic and intimidating. These lipsticks are very pigmented and super hydrating! Lipsticks need to be hydrating because nobody wants or wants to see flaky lipstick lips.
I wanted an everyday color to wear out, and not be self conscious about wearing a bold color. Plus, bold colors are more for parties, costume, and stage, not a quick run to the store, or a coffee date with your friends. This shade is Classy Hydrating Pink. I absolutely love this! It is perfect for me because it just a shade or two off from my natural lip coloring, so it adds just the slightest bit of color. 
The very intimidating, dramatic colors for my pale skin are the costumey, stagey, Eggplant lipstick and Black lipstick. It was so neat to try these bold colors! While I would never wear them out of the house, unless to a costume party, it was a fun to try them out. For Halloween, I am going to do dramatic makeup and black lipstick. I am very excited to do that! 
A very playful color that I love, and would feel confident wearing outside is this lovely Sweet Pea lipstick. It isn't too bold, but just bold enough. It is a happy color. 
I am a big fan of DNA Cosmetics! I am excited to get more colors, maybe I will get a blue lipstick, or her Apple Cider lipstick. She has such fun colors! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! Be colorful, Lovelies.