Daily Skin Care Routine

Skin care is a crucial step in the day that everybody should carry out. You should always cleanse your face before you apply make-up, or when you first wake up, and you MUST ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed. I can't stress it enough, it is so important to remove your make-up before going to sleep. Throughout the day, your skin secretes oils, sweat, and of course there are microorganisms in the air that "stick" to your skin; all of that mixed with make-up is bound to cause some ugly break-outs, and potentially other skin issues that is just best to avoid. 

In the morning, washing my face is the first thing I do. I rinse my face with warm water to open my pores, and to help the cleanser suds up on my skin. I use a circular facial brush from The Body Shop to help more with the deep cleaning. Ever since I have been using the facial brush, my skin has been looking better. You can use it with practically any facial cleanser. This facial brush is the perfect tool to aid in washing your face. 

I like a variety of cleansers. I like using the Bioré Ice Cleanser for removing my make-up, and the Burt's Bees Natural cleanser and the Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil for when I have a make-up free face. I like the Bioré Ice Cleanser because when it suds up, it gives off a cooling sensation on my skin. It feels like it works within seconds of cleansing my face, but the fact is, it actually works! I have been using the Ice Cleanser since July, and it has helped keep my skin clear. I love it! The Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions is a natural alternative. It doesn't give off a tingling or cooling sensation, it is just a gentle cleanser that helps keep skin clear. I love both cleansers! They work the best for my skin. 
I received the Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil in a Maven Welcome box. I was so excited when I opened the package and saw the cleansing oil. I had been wanting to use a cleansing for the longest time, and I was so excited seeing this cleansing oil in the box. I use it at night, and in the morning after cleansing my face with the Bioré or the Burt's Bees. It really helps smooth and condition my skin for the evening, and when I use it in the morning, it actually helps with oil control. It keeps my face matte the whole day after using this cleansing oil. Most people don't know this, but if you have oily skin, you should actually cleanse your face with a cleansing oil. Seriously, fight oil with oil! 

After cleansing my face, I use a simple witch hazel blend, I drop one drop of lavender essential oil in a full mini spray bottle of witch hazel, and I gently shake. I spray that on a cotton ball and tone my face. Toning is wonderful! I have tried toners that are powerful against blemishes, and they just burn my face, and don't help. Witch Hazel is gentle on skin, and actually helps clean, and get rid of skin issues. I love it! The lavender essential oil only helps erase skin issues. With the anxiety of starting college this month, and a new job, the stress and anxiety is taking it out on my skin. I have found that witch hazel works the very best on my skin. 
After toning my face, I use Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin daily balancing moisturizer. I absolutely love this moisturizer! It smells so yummy, and I love the fact that it is made with natural fruit extracts to helps clear skin, and complete the skin care routine. Since I started using Yes To Tomatoes, which was a week ago, I have already seen improvements. It is my favorite product right now, and even though it is a little bit more spendy than I normally pay for facial moisturizers, it is so worth it! 

I have found that these products work the best for my skin. I have tried countless products, and I have tried products from companies who promise, guarantee, swear up and down, that their products gets rid of skin issues overnight. Those products strip, and dry my skin out, making the problem worse. That is why I use all-natural cleansers, or cheaper, blemish fighting cleansers because they work, and they don't strip or dry out my skin. 

I hope you have a chance to try out each of these products, and my witch hazel trick. Skin care is so much fun to me! I love trying out products, and seeing what works, and what does not work. Skin care is also very important to me. When you take care of your face, the less make-up you have to wear to cover up those difficult skin issues (at least that's how it is for me). 


  1. I am always looking for new skin care products to try so I love to read daily skin care routine posts! Recently I have been trying a bunch of Lush products because of how they use natural ingredients, but I definitely want to add the Julep cleansing oil to my routine! I'm also kind of curious about the Biore Ice Cleanser and how it has the cooling sensation so i'll probably give it a try out of curiosity lol.


    1. I love Lush! Yes, I always try and use natural products on my skin, but sometimes it needs a little extra oomf you know? I love Lush's fresh face masks, and their Herbalism, and Fresh Pharmacy soap bar. Lush is awesome! <3 I definitely recommend Bioré's Ice Cleanser for if you want a little extra oomf in your skin care routine, because it works wonderfully (for me anyway).


  2. These harsh substances can dry out the skin and cause allergic reactions, especially in individuals who are sensitive to certain chemical compounds. Skin care product reviews As time goes on, dead skin can build up, making your skin look dull and dry.


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