Blog Post Planning

I finally did it. I finally broke down and wrote down my plans for posts, and made a calendar for my blog, and life to organize my life and blog simultaneously. Why make a calendar and not print one off? I like the look of a brown paper bag better than white printer paper. 
Now that I have been visiting a plethora of blogs in the evening, leaving comments, and expanding my little blogging community, I have found a lot of blog post ideas in my blog travels. I use other blogs as inspiration to help me figure out what to write about. I have no shortage of blog projects or blog post ideas now, and I keep better track of my ideas when I write them down. 
Just a few days ago, I was one of those bloggers who blog on a whim of a new idea. That is one way to do it, if it works for you. As a new college student, and someone who will have a job soon, I could not continue blogging on a whim. This was a good system for Summer, but in college, with a job, it just would not work for me. This way, I can spend about three hours during the weekends, preparing, and outlining posts for the week so that during the weekdays, all I would have to do is press "publish" and I could still keep up with my daily posts, and be the dutiful college student at the same time. 
This is probably some of the best advice that seasoned bloggers have ever given to me. To plan blog posts day by day, or for those super creative bloggers out there, week by week. I planned out my whole week on my calendar, complete with substitution posts if plans don't go accordingly. I have no idea why it took me so long to plan my posts. This would have come in handy a long time ago. I feel like in the three years that I have been blogging under Barefoot in Blue Jeans, I haven't learned a thing about the blogging world. In these few months of Summer, I have learned a novel's worth of information about blogging, the community behind it, and the behind the scenes of this dear, digital, informational world that I am so passionate about. 
I love my calendar. I love it even more that I made it, and customized it to my life. I will now pass on a bit of advice to those newer bloggers out there: plan your posts. It will make life easier. Planning your posts also gives your blog a schedule, it helps you treat blogging like a job (a fun job). It helps you schedule the times that you can blog, and to see all of the month's events at a glance. I am excited to try out this system of blogging. So far, I feel confident about my posts, and with my list of post ideas, I'm sure to have a post every single day without worry or stress. This is so exciting for me! 

If you don't feel like creating your own blog planner, there are free printable ones online. I have provided a few free, printable blog planners for you, so if you are a fellow blogger, and you feel like you need something different to plan your blog than the lovely, and sometimes merciless void called time, check out these planners and use them. :) 


  1. DIY is always the best! I plan my life and blog posts simultaneously as well, but in my handy dandy planner instead :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I love my calendar. Planners are good too, but I prefer a calendar because I can look at my whole month at a glance.



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