Beauty Bash Party from Birchbox & Benefit

I still can not believe that I won a Beauty Bash party from Birchbox and Benefit Cosmetics! I didn't think I would win, but I tried and I ended up winning! Birchbox and Benefit Cosmetics partnered up to promote the They're Real mascara and They're Real push up liner, so they put on a contest to win a party for you and your "wing women" or best friends. I threw my party today, because this weekend is national Wing Women weekend. It was fun getting my very best gals together to hang out and put on makeup. My mom deserves a big thank you, she helped prep all of the food, and she put together all of the food. I am so lucky to have her! She was such a big help! Benefit Cosmetics & Birchbox sent me a box of makeup to give to my friends at my party, and some party decorations to add some flare to my party. 

On Birchbox's Beauty Bash page, they had print outs for the party winners, makeup tricks, and games to play at the party. I picked the game FlatterGories, a spin off of ScattaGories. I think my guests enjoyed the activity. My brain was not working today because I could not come up with words for the categories! My Aunt Shawna won, she came up with great things to fill in the categories. 
For Beauty Bash treats, we had Skinny Taco dip, lil smokies, chocolate & caramel dipped apple slices, and brownies with ice cream. Agan, my mom did an amazing job with the food. 
After we ate, we broke out the makeup, sat at the table, and started figuring out how to use these fun makeup products. We all thought the push up liner was not that great. We thought that it was clumpy, and it was just generally hard to use. Little dry flecks kept sprinkling on the table cloth. We were not big fans of the eyeliner. We liked the They're Real mascara, but personally it is not my favorite. We all liked the LolliTint, and loved the PoreFessional! Those were the popular products of the party. 
I was so excited that everybody was able to make it! They completed the party! I was really excited, though that Tara was able to make it. Since I don't get to see this girl very often, the times I do see her are special. I hope we can hang out some more soon. 
It turned out to a great party! Thank you Birchbox and Benefit Cosmetics for hosting a contest, and picking me to host! It was fun, and super girly! I love girly! It was a great day! I hope everyone else had a great time!