Autumn Activities

In honor of the first day of Fall, I wanted to share some Fall traditions that my family engages in every year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, the ground is covered in crunchy leaves, and it is also the harvest season, so trips to local farms and pumpkin patches are on our itinerary. A tradition that I am fond of is making Fall crafts from the leaves, and using Fall colors to decorate the crafts. I usually do a craft on Thanksgiving with my little cousins. They seem to enjoy it, infact my six year old cousin, Isabelle asked me about it the other day. She wanted to know if I had a craft planned for Thanksgiving. I like that they enjoy it. I am actually really excited for the craft I have planned. It is easy, and earth friendly. I always try and include the earth conscious in my crafts. 
I would actually like to instill a new tradition for myself, personally. Since Fall is about changes, I would like to change around furniture, or change out things in my closet, get rid of things that are not needed. A Fall cleaning instead of Spring cleaning. I feel that keeping organized at all times is important, but sometimes we get lazy in our organization, and we just need a refresher, at least I do.

There are so many Fall activities that I want to do this Fall. But with college classes, and now work, I will have to limit myself to a few. Here is a Fall bucket list, hopefully I will get around to completing most all of these activities. 

Fall Bucket List of 2014
-Make homemade apple pie
-Jump in a big pile of leaves
-Go to a pumpkin patch/local farm
-Do a fun and creative no-carve pumpkin project. 
-Make a leaf wreath (Thanksgiving craft) 
-Make delicious Fall recipes. 
-Make homemade spiced apple cider
-Attend a Fall festival or parade
-Make a delicious vegetable stew

Even though today is only the first day of Fall, I can already see the leaves changing color, and little piles of leaves collecting on the ground. I am excited for Fall to progress. It should be a great season! 

part of the SITS Girls Back to Blogging challenge.