Too Faced Candy Bar

My obsession with makeup keeps growing, and it grew with this beautiful Too Faced Candy Bar palette. In this beautiful palette, there are 11 eye shadow shades, one matte bronzer, and 1 blush. I bought this palette along with an AMAZING mascara, and a wonderful primer. I will talk about those products in a later post, because I want to brag about this amazing Too Faced palette. In these next photos, I am wearing all of these products. 
I have numbered the palette shades because the Too Faced website does not disclose the palette color names. I use numbers 1, 10, and 11 for my eye lid, and the rest of the colors for my crease. 
I also use the 2 shade for my brows. In these photos, I am also wearing #12, which is the matte bronzer, and #13, which is the blush. Love! Love! Love! The matte bronzer doesn't make my face look dirty, and the blush is a beautiful shade of pink. 
Here is the 2 shade on my eyes. I love this subtle dark color. It is great for day and night. I like to wear a light lip color when sporting the second shade of the Too Faced palette. 
This next color, which happens to be number 3 in the palette is a dark, shimmery orchid color. It is a very dramatic shade, and needs to be carefully used because this shade is very pigmented. I like to wear a darker lip color with this shade, a darker lid with darker lips gives you the perfect night look. 
These shades I have not yet tried on my eyes. I don't think the number 7 shade would look all that great on me because I have blue eyes. When I brushed them on my hand, I learned that these colors were not the true color that portrayed in the palette. Number 8 looks more like charcoal, number 6 is more like a brown/gold, and 4 is pretty true as it is displayed in the palette. I am actually excited to try these on my eyes. 
Color 9 is pretty similar to shade 3. They are both dramatic, both dark, and both very pigmented. Number 9 is a great for-night shade, and it can be used under the shimmery shades. 
This was the first time that I tried shade 5. It reminds me of New Years because it is gold and shimmery. It is a good shade to layer with, I would put number 2 underneath this gold color. In these photos, I am not wearing shade 5 layered with any shade, I am wearing it alone. I love shade 5, it is fun, and different for me. It makes me want to try a gold eyeliner. 
I am in love with the Too Faced palette. It is wonderful, and the shades are perfect. It has let me experiment with makeup even further. You know, I am more obsessed with makeup now than I was when I was in high school. When I was in high school, I only used makeup to mask my face. I didn't feel confident in the skin I was in, so I hid it with makeup. Now that I am out of high school, I actually know the correct way to use eye shadows, and makeup is fun for me now, it isn't a chore. :) 
I hope enjoyed my review on the Too Faced Candy Bar palette. Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Great review, looks like a fun palette! I have been in the market for a new palette of neutrals and was considering one from Urban Decay but now I see that Too Faced also makes a nice brown palette called Chocolate Bar, I may have to check it out. Make-up is fun! :)

    1. Yes! Candy Bar is a spin-off from Chocolate Bar. Urban Decay has a great Naked palette, but it costs so much! It does contain beautiful colors though! Makeup is so fun!

  2. This is such a gorgeous and travel friendly palette! I'm still thinking if I should get this haha
    -Beverley (

    1. I totally agree! And you totally should! It is a great little palette! It can be used for everyday as well.


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