It is almost the end of this glorious Monday, and I have not yet posted. I was trying to think of things to post, and I should probably document this day, because it was quite a big day for me. On Saturday, I became a contributing Social Media Coordinator and Blogger for Style Equation magazine. I post to all of their social media outlets daily, updating their social media, and talking about their current isse, and counting down until the next issue comes out. I am pretty excited about it. I started that this morning, and I still need some practice. I figure as the days go by, I will get better at updating someone else's social media, especially a business. It is a step in the direction that I want to go, while I still want to become a nurse, I would also like to be a social media marketer for a company, or some small business and have that be a job! Social media has created jobs for people, and while it is easy to post a tweet about your own life, it takes some practice getting used to a company's way of posting, how they have everything connected, so you post to one place, and it goes out to all of the social media outlets. It will get easier, but this little gig will give me experience to become a real social media marketer! I have such a passion for blogging, and social media is such great connection tool. Being a social media marketer is something that would definitely fit me.
I had to share this sweet photo of my sweet, little cousin and I. On Saturday, we went to go see my Aunt and Uncle, and I got to see this little sweet face. She is almost one years old! It is so crazy how time flies! Going back to today, Monday, I received my movies that I ordered from Disney Rewards. I have become a member of Disney Movie Rewards, and ordered Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Wall-e, Monster's University, and Finding Nemo. I was so excited that my movies came today! We watched Wreck-It Ralph this evening after I came home. Both my mom and dad liked it. It is a really cute movie, and the creators at Disney are seriously so clever. 
Another exciting event that happened today was I registered for my classes at the local community college here. I registered for a chemistry class, an Anthropology Language & Culture class, and a ceramics class. The chemistry class is the only class I am taking this term that will go towards getting my RN. I did not want to take two rigorous courses at the same time, so that is why I am taking Anthropology, and ceramics. I am actually pretty excited, it should be a good first term. Next term, I will be in Florida, and taking other classes! That is a big weight off my shoulders, being registered for classes, and having that all done. Whew!
Earlier this evening, I went to a concert in the park with my Grandma Biggs, and took my usual "feast" photo, I don't know why I am always intrigued by my food... 
My mom had made homemade chilli for this evening, so I took mine to go. At the store, I bought the doughnut holes, the "eat your vegetables" chips (which are so awesome!), and the Kombucha. Grandma brought the watermelon. The concert was pretty good, it is more of the experience, coming out to enjoy the music, and support the Center for the Arts in Gresham. They had a sno-cone machine and the cones were free, but you could make a donation if you wanted to. We made a donation, and got a sno-cone for both Grandma and I. The band played old jazz music, which is not my favorite kind of music, but it is interesting to listen to every once in a while, and the band was lively, so despite the music not being our music of choice, the experience was still great.
A little added bonus to today, I won an Instagram giveaway! I am so excited to feature the jewelry that I won on the blog. I am so excited that I finally won an Instagram giveaway! I have been constantly entering giveaways on Instagram, and finally won one! Yay! 

Today was a great day! Usually Mondays are not that great, but today was fabulous! I hope you all had a fabulous Monday too! 

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